Ancient symbols
Religious And Spiritual Symbols

A collection of popular religious symbols from around the world, from ancient to modern.

Plant symbolism
Good Luck Symbols

Lucky symbols taken from the East and West, along with their origins and meanings.

tree in a field
Natural World Symbols

From flowers and trees, to animals and the elements, learn the symbolism of the natural world.

Ancient symbols
Ancient Symbols

Symbols have been used since ancient times to communicate various meanings, abstract ideas and concepts. They can be found in every corner of the globe.Our series of articles on ancient symbols explore the origins and importance of popular symbols, while highlighting their symbolism and modern relevance.


Greek myth
Norse Mythology

Norse mythology is a vibrant, intriguing and unique collection of myths by the ancient Viking and Germanic peoples.

Greek mythology
Greek Mythology

Greek mythology is made up of a collection of myths told by the ancient Greeks as a way to understand and explain their world.

Roman mythology
Roman Mythology

Much of Roman mythology was imported from other sources, but once borrowed, these myths were given a uniquely Roman flavor.

Japanese mythology home
Japanese Mythology

Compiled from oral traditions, these stories offer explanations about the gods, practices, customs, traditions, and history of the Japanese people.

Green field
Celtic Mythology

Celtic mythology is one of the oldest, most unique, and yet least well-known of all ancient European mythologies.

Egyptian mythology
Egyptian Mythology

Egyptian mythology is rich and vibrant, populated with intriguing characters and used to answer life's big questions.

Chinese mythology
Chinese Mythology

Chinese mythology is complex and diverse, including varied myths from different regions and dynasties. There was no unified mythology.

African Mythology
African Mythologies

Africa is home to diverse mythologies and legends, but there are some commonalities that can be found in these different elements.

Aztec gods
Mythologies Of The Americas

Mythologies of North, Central and South America are rich and diverse, each representative of the people that created them.

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