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Raku Reiki Symbol – Meaning and Importance

Raku (ra-koo) is a Reiki symbol used at the master level, or the final stage, of the Usui Reiki healing process. It’s a grounding symbol, also called the ...

Sei Hei Ki: Uses of the Reiki Harmony Symbol

The study of Reiki healing is vast and multi-faceted, with numerous symbols and techniques utilized to effect profound change in practitioners and patients ...

Pine Trees in Myth and Spirituality: Resilience and Renewal

Pine trees, with their towering stature and year-round greenery, stand as iconic figures in nature. Throughout various cultures and histories, these ...

10 Powerful Symbolic Meanings of Candles

For centuries, candles have been a source of light, pushing away the dark and bringing a cozy feeling. But there's more to candles than just light. They ...

Powerful Symbolic Meanings of Wheat

Wheat, historically more than just food, carries rich symbolism across diverse cultures. Its meanings span from wealth and togetherness to renewal and ...

18 Powerful Symbols of Protection and What They Mean

Since ancient times, humans have turned to symbols for protection against various evils and ills that could befall them. Soldiers carried these into battle, ...

Menorah: The Deep Meanings of the 7-Branched Lamp

The menorah is one of the most easily recognizable and well-known symbols of Judaism. It has the distinction of being not just the oldest Jewish symbol, but ...

The Sigil of Lilith: A Complex Emblem of a Female Demon

In most mythologies, the Goddess Lilith is represented as a demon who defied god and left the garden of Eden. But today, she’s often seen as a symbol of ...

What Is the Sigil of Asmodeus? Design, Meaning, and Mystique

Asmodeus is one of the most well-known of all the demons in Christian tradition. He’s a powerful demon, but was once one of the top-ranking angels in ...

Every Demon in the Ars Goetia: The 72 Demons of Solomon

The 72 demons of hell listed in the "Ars Goetia", appear in the first section of the "Lesser Key of Solomon", a grimoire on demonology. Compiled in the ...

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