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Twitching Left Eye vs. Right Eye

Superstitions about twitching left and right eyes exist around the world. While these superstitions vary, it’s interesting to note that they’re taken ...

Superstitions About an Itchy Right Hand

If you’ve been having a persistent itch on your right hand, you may be wondering whether that means anything. After all, there are many superstitions ...

Itchy Left Hand – What Does It Mean?

Since ancient times, itching parts of the body have carried various meanings. This includes the left foot, right foot, right hand, nose and yes, the left ...

Itchy Left Foot – What Does It Mean? (Superstitions)

Since ancient times, superstitions have existed about itching body parts, like your right foot, right hand, and nose. An itchy left foot also has a number ...

10 Superstitions About Mirrors

It's a common question: Do mirrors bring bad luck? From Bloody Mary to shattered mirrors, we've compiled a list of the most popular myths and ...

Superstitions About Crows – What Do They Mean?

As prevalent as crows are, there are still misconceptions surrounding their existence. For decades, they've been considered evil omens. There are numerous ...

Dream About Counting Money – Possible Interpretations

Dreams about money are fairly common and can symbolize your thoughts about financial stability and material gains. These dreams tend to have more positive ...

10 Korean Symbols of Longevity (Ship Jangsaeng)

The belief about immortality and the possibility of long life are widely spread in East Asia, particularly in countries like Korea, China, Japan, and ...

20 Best Book About World War II

The Second World War is still etched into the memories of older generations, but it has become such a fundamental part of our collective memory that it ...

20 Best Books About Slavery in the West

Slavery is a very complex topic to approach given its centuries-long history all over the world. Many authors have tried to examine what slavery is, its ...

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