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Rose Quartz Crystals – Meaning and Healing Properties

There’s no denying that Rose Quartz crystals are pretty. That said, they can be used for much more than just lying on a shelf or adorning your neck, as they ...

Dreaming about Hands – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams about hands can have various meanings, depending on the context of the dream as well as all the elements in it. Often, such dreams have something to ...

Dreaming about Hair – Meaning and Symbolism

Contrary to popular belief, dreaming about hair is quite common and can have various positive and negative meanings.   Such dreams can be tricky to ...

Dreams of Missing a Flight – Meaning and Symbolism

Missing your flight is an unfortunate and stressful situation, whether it happens in real life or in a dream. If you’ve had such a dream, you may be worried ...

10 Best Crystals for Self-Confidence (And How to Use Them)

Self-confidence is a tricky thing. Some people are bursting with confidence, while others need a good minute or two to muster up the courage even to talk to ...

10 Essential Crystals for Beginners (And How to Use Them)

When it comes to gemstones and healing crystals, there can be a lot of variety. With different stones catering to different use cases, it can be quite ...

How Do Crystals Work (Or Do They?)

Despite gaining mainstream popularity in recent years in the West, healing crystals have been used by many cultures around the world in their rituals and ...

Dreaming About an Earthquake – What Does It Mean?

Dreams about earthquakes are surprisingly common and you don’t even need to live in a place where earthquakes often happen. These dreams aren’t pleasant and ...

Onna Bugeisha (Onna-musha): Who Were These Powerful Female Samurai Warriors?

Samurai are warriors who are well known not only in Japan but also in the rest of the world for their fierceness in battle and their strict moral standards. ...

What is Black Friday and How Did it Start?

In the US, Black Friday is popularly known as the Friday following Thanksgiving, typically on the fourth Friday of November, which marks the start of the ...

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