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What is the Dharma Wheel? (and What it Means)

The dharma wheel is one of the most ancient symbols in Indian history and culture. Its meaning and significance vary depending on which culture and religion ...

Symbolic Meaning of the Color Blue

Blue: a rare color in nature and the favorite of many people around the world. It’s one of the three primary colors, used for many purposes including ...

What is a Bindi? – Symbolic Meaning of the Red Dot

A bindi is traditionally a red color dot worn right in the center of the forehead, originally worn by Jains and Hindus from India. If you’re a fan of ...

Symbolic Meaning of the Color Red (History and Use)

Right next to orange and just opposite violet on the spectrum of light, red is considered to be a beautiful color, heavy with both positive and negative ...

What Is the Symbolism of the Angels? – History and Meaning

Angels have been an integral part of the symbolism of various faiths. These beings are said to be the messengers of God, working closely with God to help ...

Conch Shell (Shankha) Symbol – Why Is It Important?

Conch shells are beautiful objects from the sea, known for their distinctive pink color. While conch pearls and shell are popular in jewelry and decorative ...

Aquila Symbol – History and Symbolism

The Aquila is one of the most recognizable Roman symbols. Coming from the Latin word aquila or “eagle”, the Imperial Aquila symbol is the famous perched eagle ...

Fasces Symbol – Origins and Symbolism

If you search around Google for the Roman Fasces symbol today, you’ll be greeted by multiple articles about fascism. That’s not accidental as the term ...

What is the Shiva Lingam Symbol?

The Shiva Lingam, also referred to as Linga or Shivling, is a cylindrical structure worshipped by Hindu devotees. Made out of various materials, this symbol ...

Why Are Goldfish Considered Lucky?

Have you ever wondered why goldfish are among the most popular pets in the world? One reason is because they are believed to bring good fortune and ...

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