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The Compass: Symbol and Meaning

As a tool for navigation, compasses have been used for thousands of years. They’re practical and functional, always pointing north and allowing those who ...

The Powerful Meaning of Barbed Wire Tattoos

Created as a fencing material in the American West during the late 1800s, barbed wire was eventually used in war camp settings and prisons. The image of ...

15 Interesting Facts about the Cold War

The United States and the Soviet Union emerged from World War II as the only nations with enough resources to consolidate themselves as the world's new ...

History of Australia: From the Days of the Terra Incognita to the Modern Times

Australia is a land of superlatives – it has the world’s oldest continuous culture, the largest monolith, the most venomous snake, the largest coral ...

History of Yoga: From Ancient India to Modern Times

In today’s world, yoga is well-known for its physical and physiological benefits. However, this low-impact activity also has a long history that seems to ...

Kokopelli – What Does This Symbol Mean?

Kokopelli is an interesting symbol, featuring a hunchbacked flute player. The first images of Kokopelli appeared on Hohokam pottery over 1000 years ago. ...

What Is the Symbolism of Laurel Wreath?

In ancient times, a laurel wreath, made from interwoven leaves of the bay laurel plant, was worn on the head of emperors to signify imperial power and ...

15 Unique Creatures of Norse Mythology

The nine worlds of Norse mythology are full of bizarre mythical creatures such as giants, dwarves, elves, norns and the Kraken. While Norse mythology is ...

Oya – The Goddess of Weather

In Yoruba religion, Oya was the goddess of weather, known to be one of the most powerful deities in Africa. She was also a strong and brave warrior who was ...

The Nine Muses – Greek Goddesses of the Arts and Sciences

The Nine Muses were minor goddesses of Greek mythology, who were closely linked to the arts and sciences. They guided and inspired mortals in their creation ...

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