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Salt Superstitions—Does It Bring Good Luck or Bad Luck to You?

Have you tried throwing salt over your left shoulder to reverse bad luck? Many have been doing this old tradition without knowing how it began and what it ...

Strongest Women in History – A List

Throughout history, women have made their mark by sharing their skills, talent, courage, and strength whenever they are needed. This was not easy to do, ...

Best Metaphors for Love – A List

There are many ways to express love – some do it through actions, while others prefer to use visual imagery. You may also choose to express love through ...

Why Do People Burn Sage?

Over the past years, burning sage, also called smudging, has become a trendy wellness practice to get rid of negative energy and cleanse homes. But maybe as ...

Halloween Symbols, Origins, and Traditions

With all the dressing up, colorful decorations, and endless trick or treating, Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays in many parts of the world. ...

Crossing Fingers: What Does It Mean and How Did it Start?

Most people cross their fingers when they need luck, either for themselves or for someone else. The same urge can also be felt when someone needs protection ...

Why Do We Say Touch Wood? (Superstition)

Consider this scenario. You are in the middle of a conversation with a friend or family member. Perhaps you are planning something, hoping for better luck, ...

A Guide to Marriage Superstitions from Around the World

For centuries, humankind has been performing weddings to celebrate the auspicious bonding of two people. From olden times till now, there have been many ...

Friday the 13th – What Does This Superstition Mean?

Have you heard some warnings or stories about the well-known “Friday the 13th”? Both number 13 and Friday have a long history of bad luck. Whether you’re ...

Strange Bad Luck Superstitions Explained (🤔🤔)

Do you have a lucky charm? Do you avoid walking under ladders? Do you knock on wood? Do you cross your fingers? If so, you're not alone! Many people around ...

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