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21 Crystals for Love to Invite It into Your Life

Crystals are not just beautiful art pieces but hold to power to heal you with the energy of the Earth when used the right way. It is believed that they emit ...

25 Crystals for Anxiety to Help You Find Calm

In today’s world, not many of us remain without some form of anxiety or the other. The trap of stress and anxiety is inevitable to everyone whether men or ...

Stunning Irish Proverbs and What They Mean

Ireland is a country with a unique language that existed even before English was spoken, making the Irish a proud keeper of traditions and culture. Their ...

What is Gnosticism? – A Deep Dive

Derived from the Greek word Gnosis which means ‘knowledge’ or ‘to know’, Gnosticism was a religious movement that believed that there existed secret ...

Superstitions About Moles

Moles are not only beauty marks on a person’s face, but they can also tell a great deal about their fortune and future. At one point in the past, moles were ...

What are superstitions – and why people believe in them

We have all come across some form of superstition throughout our lives, whether it is something we believe in ourselves or something that we have heard. ...

Are Spiders Good Luck?

When looking at spiders, various emotions are invoked including wonder, intrigue, and even fear. The webs they weave are intricate works of art that have ...

Common (and Bizarre) Superstitions in India

As one of the most populous nations in the world, it does not come as a surprise that Indians can be a superstitious bunch. Indians are big believers of ...

Superstitions About Sneezing

Although sneezing is the body’s reaction to an irritant in your nose. When your nasal membrane is irritated, your body reacts by forcing air through your ...

Common Superstitions from Around the World

Psychologists believe that superstitions are a product of the human brain trying to recognize patterns in randomness. So naturally, believing in ...

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