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The Hindu Garuda – Eagle Demigod of Strength and Vigilance

Garuda is one of the most famous and beloved characters in East Asia. From Hinduism to Jainism and Buddhism, Garuda is worshipped and beloved and is even on ...

Eye of Ra vs. The Eye of Horus – Are They the Same? 

Egyptian mythology and hieroglyphics are full of fascinating symbols. Two of the most popular are the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Horus. Although ...

Kamadeva – The Hindu God of Love  

Cupid-like deities exist in many mythologies, and they are often portrayed with a bow and arrow. Yet few are as colorful and extravagant as Kamadeva – the ...

Hanuman – The Monkey God of Hinduism

Several eastern mythologies have monkey gods but the Hindu Hanuman is arguably the oldest of all of them. A very powerful and highly revered deity, Hanuman ...

Apophis (Apep) – Egyptian God of Chaos

Apophis, also known as Apep, was the ancient Egyptian embodiment of chaos, dissolution, and darkness. He was one of the main nemeses of the sun god Ra, and ...

Maman Brigitte – The Vodou Loa of Death

Maman Brigitte is a powerful figure in the Vodou religion, particularly in Haiti and the New Orleans region. As a loa of death, she’s often associated with ...

Huldra – The Seductive Forest Beings of Norse Mythology

The huldra or hulder may sound rugged and masculine but they are actually exceptionally fair female mystical beings in Norse mythology. In fact, through ...

The Merrow – Irish Mermaids or Something More?

The merrow legends in Irish mythology are unique yet surprisingly familiar. These gorgeous sea-dwellers resemble the mermaids of Greek mythology and yet ...

What Is The Banshee in Celtic Mythology?

The banshees are one of the most famous Celtic mythological beings in all of Irish mythology today. They – or variations and interpretations of them – can ...

Folkvangr – Freyja’s Field of The Fallen (Norse Mythology)

We’ve all heard of Valhalla or Valhǫll – Odin’s Golden Hall of the Slain in Asgard, where the All-Father gathers the souls of all slain warriors after their ...

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