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What Is A Mitzvah? – The Divine Commandments of The Hebrew Faith

As one of the three Abrahamic religions, together with Christianity and Islam, Judaism shares many similarities with them. Yet, as both the oldest and the ...

What Is A Mikvah And What Is It Used For?

A Mikvah or mikveh, as well as the plural mikvot, is a type of ritual bath in Judaism. The word quite literally means “a collection” in Hebrew, as in “a ...

What Is Astrology and Is It Compatible With Science?

Astrology is one of those topics that has been controversial for thousands of years – ever since its inception in Ancient Mesopotamia and Greece. Pretty ...

The Twelve Zodiac Signs and Personality Traits

Horoscopes are always fun to delve into but they can be confusing at first if you’re just now getting into astrology. It’s perfectly natural to wonder how ...

Best Mother’s Day Flowers and What They Mean

Picking up presents is easier for some people than it is for others. Fortunately, on Mother’s Day, you can always fall back on the old and reliable ...

Tisha B’Av – Origin And Meaning

Tisha B’Av or “The Ninth of Av” is one of the biggest and definitely most tragic holy days in Judaism. It’s a day on which the people of the Jewish faith ...

What Is Ashura? Facts And History of the Islamic Holy Day

Ashura is one of the most significant holy days in Islam, both because of what’s celebrated on it and what it means for the religion and its two main ...

Sleipnir – Odin’s Eight-Legged Stallion

Sleipnir is the most legendary horse in Norse mythology and arguably one of the most famous horses throughout all of the world’s religions. With eight ...

Hindu Gods and Goddesses – and Their Significance

While Hindus believe in a Supreme Being (Brahman), there are numerous gods and goddesses who represent different aspects of Brahman. As such, the religion ...

Confucianism Symbols and Their Meanings

Confucianism or Ruism is one of the oldest philosophical traditions on the planet and is often even regarded as a religion in and of itself. Established ...

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