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Fafnir: The Norse Dragon’s Journey from Greed to Doom

Fafnir is one of the most famous dragons in Nordic myths and legends, so much so that he’s the inspiration of the dragons in Tolkien’s work and through them ...

Japanese Dragon Symbol and Myths

Japanese dragon myths are both strongly inspired by Chinese and Hindu dragon myths, and still very much unique. It’s fair to say that Japanese mythology has ...

North and South American Dragons

The dragon myths of the North and South Americas aren’t as famous worldwide as those of Europe and Asia. However, they are as colorful and fascinating as ...

Middle Eastern Dragons and What They Symbolized

The many dragons and serpentine monsters from the ancient Middle Eastern cultures are among the oldest in the world. Some of them can be traced back to over ...

From Vritra to Naga: The Many Faces of Hindu Dragons

While dragons aren't as central in Hinduism as in other Asian cultures, it's incorrect to say they don't exist in Hindu myths. A key myth involves Vritra, a ...

Tetractys: A Timeless Symbol of Knowledge and Harmony

The Tetractys is a rather unique symbol both because of its appearance and its history. It’s made up of 10 identical dots arranged in four rows forming a ...

All The Egyptian Symbols: From the Ankh to the Eye of Horus

The symbols of ancient Egypt are some of the most recognizable and iconic visual images in the world. Egyptian symbols are much more than just an old ...

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