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What Does It Mean to Dream About Being Pregnant?

Dreams about being pregnant are just like other dreams – they are often manifestations of the person’s subconscious thoughts and feelings. People who dream about being pregnant or have pregnancy-related dreams may actually be pregnant, want to be pregnant, just gave birth, or are facing a new change in their lives, just like a pregnant woman.

Let’s break down the type of pregnancy dreams and what they could mean, taking into account the details of the dream.

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Meaning of pregnancy related dreams

Dream Is Related to An Actual Pregnancy

Dreamer Is Actually Pregnant

Many studies show that pregnant women tend to dream about pregnancy more often than non-pregnant women. These dreams may be more vivid for them. They may be in various stages of their pregnancy, and some may not know yet that they are carrying a child inside them.

Of course, not all dreams about being pregnant mean the person is actually pregnant. However, it is almost often that they have such dreams because they think about pregnancy often. They may have been trying to get pregnant for years, or, alternatively, they may have been trying to avoid it as much as possible.

Dreamer Is Pregnant for the First Time

First-time pregnancies are often associated with pregnancy dreams or dreams about being pregnant. This is because such new experience involves a lot of transformations – not just physically but also mentally. As such, these adjustments may manifest themselves in the dreams of these first-time moms.

During this period, the mother’s subconscious often tends to start having dreams that contain representations or symbolism relating to maternity and pregnancy. What they see may be influenced by their relationships with those around them, especially their partners or family. It may also be affected by their psychological state, the medical processes they have undergone, their environment, and the baby itself.

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Dreamer Has Experienced Prior Pregnancy Loss

Losing a baby through miscarriage or other reasons is an extremely traumatic experience. These memories may surface itself in pregnancy-related dreams, especially during the next pregnancy they may have after the one they lost.

These dreams of being pregnant may be violent, showing the harm they may have experienced or fear to experience. They may dream about their baby’s possible congenital disabilities, miscarriage, premature birth, or other vulnerabilities.

These dreams do not necessarily replay the actual experience of losing a baby but are grounded more on one’s protectiveness over the current baby being carried.

Dreamer Has Anxieties During Pregnancy

When waiting to give birth (and even after giving birth), anxieties and fears for the child are inevitable. These often find their way to the pregnant woman’s subconscious, and thereby their dreams. Thus, many pregnant women often have dreams that are quite negative.

These dreams might be because there is no absolute way to know what is happening with their unborn babies. However, while women may have worries, these doesn’t have to overshadow the excitement and joy of being pregnant.

Dreamer Knows Someone Pregnant

For pregnancy dreams, it does not always mean that the pregnant person is the dreamer. It may pertain to a person in their life – maybe a close friend or family member – who is trying to get pregnant. They may have these kinds of dreams after the person just broke the news to them.

Dreams Before Pregnancy

Dreams about pregnancy

Dreamer Wants to Be Pregnant

When a person dreams of being pregnant, this may be their subconscious thoughts urging them to have a child and assuring them that they want a child. Having a baby is a big decision and often involves a lot of dilemmas and debates.

There are many things to factor in – like career, financial status, relationship status, and other essential factors. This can leave the conscious part of the woman confused and not knowing how to decide. However, if they have an intense yearning, even subconsciously, this can manifest in their dreams.

Dreamer Does Not Want to Be Pregnant

Strong fear or aversion towards pregnancy may also depict itself as a pregnancy dream. Constantly worrying about whether they are pregnant or not, especially when a period is delayed, can affect a woman’s emotions and thoughts, leading them to have these types of dreams. They may also be influenced by hormones, which fluctuate during women’s cycles.

Dream After Pregnancy

Dreamer Has Given Birth

Pregnancy is a significant experience and not something that can be easily shaken off after the baby is born. Thus, after giving birth, women may still have pregnancy or pregnancy-related dreams. These dreams may be related to their worries and fears for their new child and may even evolve into nightmares.

These kinds of dreams often disrupt the sleep of new mothers, depriving them of critical rest. It is best for new mothers to discuss these dreams with a professional to help ease their worries and keep them from waking up at night just to check on their infant after having a bad dream about their baby.

Caring for a Newborn

Sometimes you may dream about caring for a newborn. This may involve breastfeeding the child or looking after it. These kinds of dreams are often about someone in your waking life who may be taking too much of your time and energy. It could be about a friend or colleague who expects too much of you, someone who is an ‘energy vampire’ who drains you. In such cases, your subconscious mind is alerting you this fact, and is probably nudging you to take action.

Dream Is Not About an Actual Pregnancy

Not all pregnancy dreams are pregnancy-related, believe it or not. Some may be related to significant changes in your life or the ‘birthing’ of other, significant projects or achievements.

Dreamer Has New Responsibilities

Pregnancy is related to new responsibilities, and in this way, you could look at your pregnancy dreams as an indication of an upcoming project, investment, business, or relationship.

These kinds of dreams are filled with hope, the same way a pregnant mother dreams positive things about their unborn baby. Both these dreamers hope that their endeavors will be healthy and succeed, and both are involved in a transition that significantly affects their lives.

As explained in Psychology Today by David Bedrick, “Pregnancy in a dream can symbolize that something new is growing inside. It’s not out yet, but with some care and love—and if fortune is on our side preventing incident or miscarriage—nature will take her course and the growing “child” will manifest in our lives”.

Dreamer is Engaged in Creativity

Pregnancy dreams related to creativity

Dreams about pregnancy can be about the birth of a new project or engaging in some form of creativity in real life. This can relate to a creative project, like a home renovation, writing a book, creating a painting and so on.

Pregnancy dreams, and relevant dreams like those of caring for a child or breastfeeding, are about nurturing a child dependent on you. In the same way, the creative project depends on you to be ‘birthed’ and nurtured.


Pregnancy dreams can be vivid experiences and can incite various emotions and reactions from different people. Whether it’s about a stage of pregnancy or about a significant achievement in life, these dreams are often your subconscious mind’s way of telling you that there’s something to address in your waking life.

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