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Best Plants as Housewarming Gifts (A Practical Guide)

Many people give plants to welcome homeowners into their new homes. The main reason is that plants can offer several benefits. Aside from creating a pleasant atmosphere, some plants can also eliminate toxins and purify the air. Additionally, plants are also symbolic, and they can express your well-wishes for the recipient. So, what are the best plants you can give as housewarming gifts?

Snake Plant

Snake plant
Snake plant in a ceramic planter. Check the price on Proflowers.

The snake plant is also known as the mother-in-law’s tongue and is an excellent housewarming gift due to various reasons. For one, there is a belief that it can bring good luck to any home. According to Feng Shui, this elegant-looking plant can release protective energy that can shield residents from negative Chi. However, it must be placed in a secluded area of the home for it to attract positivity.  Aside from that, it also absorbs harmful gases from the air, making it an excellent air purifier. Best of all, it is easy to care for because it can thrive in any environmental conditions.

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Potted Orchids

Potted orchid

As a symbol of beauty and luxury, potted orchids can make any homes look elegant. Additionally, this exotic plant is a great housewarming gift because it provides positive vibes. In Feng Shui, white orchids are said to bring calm, peace, and harmony to the house. The violet variety, on the other hand, is considered the most auspicious. Aside from that, the plant is also long-lasting and easy to care for, making it a perfect gift for homeowners with hectic schedules.

Peace Lily

Comfort planter with peace lily
Comfort planter with peace lily plant. Check the price on FTD.

A peace lily has elongated leaves with an elegant flower that can create a pleasant atmosphere. Additionally, this plant can purify the air and eliminate toxins from its surroundings. Lastly, Feng Shui experts believe that plants can promote harmony and attract good fortune and luck. All In all, a peace lily is a great housewarming gift because it can offer a ton of benefits. Plus, it promises good health and prosperity.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a popular housewarming gift, especially in Chinese culture. The reason is not only because it requires little care. In Feng Shui, this resilient plant is believed to attract positive energy, making it a symbol of good fortune and success.

When giving lucky bamboo as a housewarming gift, always consider the number of stalks. A plant with three bamboo stalks is a favorite gift because it represents happiness. Six stalks, on the other hand, signify wealth and good luck.

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Heartleaf Philodendron

Heartleaf philodendron

The heartleaf philodendron is a great gift for your loved ones or friends who are moving into a new place. The reason is not only due to its heart-shaped leaves, which signify love but because Philodendron is a Greek word, which means love tree. As such, giving this plant will express your love for the recipient. 

Aside from that, giving a heartleaf philodendron as a housewarming gift would signify that you wish the new homeowners good health and wealth because it is a symbol of health and abundance. The best part is that the plant is easy to care for, making it an excellent gift for people without green thumbs.   

Money Plant

Braided money trees
Braided money trees. Check the price on From You Flowers.

The money plant can add beauty to any home, thanks to its vibrant leaves. Aside from that, the plant is also considered lucky because it can attract positive energy, bringing fortune and prosperity into the house. Lastly, it can also help purify the air, which is beneficial for health. With all these benefits, the money plant is certainly one of the best plants you can give as housewarming gifts. 

Citrus Trees

Citrus trees, like lime or lemon tree, are symbols of longevity, wealth, prosperity, and good health. Additionally, these plants are believed to attract positive energy, attracting wealth, and good luck into the house. For these reasons, you can give citrus trees to your friends or loved ones who are moving into a new home to wish them happiness and good fortune. However, these plants require a lot of care. As such, it is best to give it as a housewarming present for plant lovers.

Jade Plant

Jade plant

The Jade plant is a popular good luck plant often given as gifts to new business owners. But you can also give this plant as a housewarming present. The reason is that Feng Shui experts believe that this succulent can attract positive energy, wealth, and prosperity into the house. As such, when given as a gift, it signifies your well-wishes for the recipient.

As a succulent, jade plant can retain water and thrive with little care, making it a great gift for beginners or those without a green thumb. Plus, this plant can enhance the appearance of any room, making the room look pleasant and beautiful.


Jasmine as housewarming gift

Aside from its green leaves, jasmine also has fragrant flowers that will turn any room into a paradise and make any home inviting. Aside from those benefits, jasmine is also considered a good luck plant in Feng Shui. To be precise, it is believed to attract wealth and fortune. As such, it can be an excellent gift for those moving into a new house, especially those who love flowering plants.


Deluxe azalea bonsai
Deluxe azalea bonsai. Check the price on From Your Flowers.

Bonsai are miniature trees that will look great in any home. Aside from its pleasing appearance, this plant is also symbolic. To be specific, a bonsai is a symbol of peace, harmony, happiness, and luck in Japan. For this reason, giving this plant will signify your good intentions for the new homeowners. However, a bonsai needs special care, so it is best given to plant lovers.


Plants are great gifts for housewarmings because they offer various benefits. Plus, they have meanings that can help express your feelings. But not all plants are excellent housewarming gifts because some plants have negative meanings, depending on the culture. Take snake plants as an example. Some people think that the plant can bring bad luck because of its pointed leaves, which they believe release aggressive energy. However, when placed in the right area of the house, the plant can ward off negative energy and attract positive energy. For this reason, you should know the different meanings of the plant before giving it to someone. Plus, you also have to say your message clearly to avoid misunderstandings.

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