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Best Sympathy Flowers – A List

Choosing the right flowers can say volumes when words just can’t express how you feel. The right flowers can communicate your sympathy and your support to the grieving family.

Because not all flowers can communicate this message, having an understanding of the symbolism of flowers can be helpful in picking the right kind. Here’s a list of the best sympathy flowers.

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White Lilies

Lily white sympathy flowers

Typically, white lilies are given to a mourning family who lost a young person. The reason is that the white color of the flower symbolizes purity and youth. Additionally, the white Stargazer lily can also be given to a grieving family or person because it represents sympathy.

Overall, white lilies symbolize innocence and purity. They are excellent sympathy or funeral flowers because they represent the soul of the deceased, which has been restored to its innocent and purest form when a person dies. In addition, the flower conveys a message of peace, reassuring the family that the deceased person is now in a better or peaceful place.

Purple Hyacinths

Ombre chic flower arrangement
Ombre chic flower arrangement with Purple Hyacinths. Check price on From You Flowers.

The purple hyacinth is widely known as a symbol of regret and sorrow. Its meaning comes from an ancient Greek legend. As the story goes, Apollo and Zephyr adored Hyacinthus, and the two gods competed for his attention. Unfortunately, Zephyr, in his jealous rage, tragically killed Hyacinthus. After his death, purple flowers grew from the blood of Hyacinthus, and Apollo named them hyacinths.

Today, many florists associate purple hyacinths with a sense of longing for someone who has passed away. For this reason, you can give this beautiful blossom as a sympathy flower to acknowledge a person’s grief. By giving purple hyacinths, you’re letting the person know that you are aware of his pain and that you wish to comfort him in times of sorrow.

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White Chrysanthemums

White chrysanthemums

People around the world give white chrysanthemums to a person or family in mourning to offer their condolences.

In fact, it is often seen in funeral settings because it is a symbol of death in some European countries. But, this flower, specifically the white variety, can also be given as a sympathy flower. The reason is that it also symbolizes grief and lamentation in some Asian countries such as Korea and Japan.

In the United States, chrysanthemums symbolize integrity and truth. As such, this flower is also given to pay respect to a person who has passed away.


Yellow rose for sympathy

Generally, people give roses to their special someone to show their love and affection; however, some varieties of roses are also sympathy flowers. For example, peach-colored roses represent gratitude and sincerity. As such, you can give it to a mourning family to let them know that their loved one helped you become a better person.

Aside from peach-colored roses, you can also give yellow roses, which are a symbol of friendship. By giving this type of flower, you are letting the grieving family or person know that you will support them in their time of sorrow.


Pink gladiolus flower

As a sympathy flower, the gladioli convey a powerful message that can uplift a family or person in mourning. To be specific, the flower represents remembrance, faithfulness, the strength of character, and moral integrity. When given to a grieving person, it communicates compassion, and it will remind him that he can find the strength to move on and face the difficult chapter of his life.

Additionally, gladioli are also given to a grieving family or person to remind them that their deceased loved one has integrity and strong moral values. Through this, you’re letting the family know that their loved one is a beloved person who has inspired your life.

White Orchids

White Hoop Orchid
White Hoop Orchid. Check price on FTD.

Orchids are elegant-looking flowers that symbolize love, beauty, and strength. They are also long-lasting, which represents eternal love. When given to a family or person in mourning, you are not only offering your sympathies. You are also letting them know that you’ll always love the deceased person. However, keep in mind that this flower has different meanings, depending on its color. Traditionally, people give white or pink orchids to express their sympathy.   

Forget Me Not

Blue forget me not flower

Forget me not is a beautiful blossom that symbolizes remembrance. When given as a sympathy flower, it expresses a simple yet powerful message. To be specific, it tells the grieving family that their loved one will always be remembered, and their memories will never be forgotten. By giving this flower, you are not only offering your sympathy. You are also letting the grieving family know that their loved one has made an impact on your life and will live on in your memories. 



Violets are small blossoms, so they are often given as potted plants to express sympathy. For its meaning, the flower is a symbol of innocence and remembrance. Additionally, it also means a life taken so soon. Because of these reasons, this sympathy flower is often given to a grieving family with a loved one who passed away at a young age.


Statice sympathy flower

Statice is a beautiful blossom that retains its beauty even when it has been dried. For this reason, the flower symbolizes remembrance. When given as a sympathy flower, it lets the grieving family know that you’ll always remember the good times you’ve spent with the person who passed away.


Daffodil dreams flowers
Daffodil dreams flowers. Check price on Teleflora.

Daffodils are considered happy flowers, but they can also be given to express your sympathies. Remember, this flower blooms during spring, so they represent new beginnings. Giving daffodils to a grieving family is not only a way to offer your support. By doing this, you are also giving them an encouraging message. To be specific, you are telling them that they can move on from this difficult moment and find joy in their lives again.

Final Words

Sympathy flowers have different meanings, depending on their type and color. Most of these flowers can express your support, while some convey encouraging messages. For example, some flowers can show your respect and admiration for the deceased person. Some flowers, on the other hand, can remind the grieving family that they can find joy and happiness again. All in all, giving sympathy flowers is an excellent way to show your good intentions, especially if words are not enough to express your feelings.  

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