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Daisy – Symbolism and Meaning

The birth flower for April, Daisies are among the prettiest and best-known flowers, loved for their simplicity and beauty. They are also highly symbolic ...

Anemone Flower Meaning and Symbolism

A beautiful flower that adds personality to any garden, the anemone is also a favorite feature on wedding bouquets and floral arrangements. This spring ...

Amaranth Symbolism and Meaning

There are few flowers that can boast the combination of beauty, healing and nutrition perfectly, and the Amaranth belongs to this elite club. Competitive ...

Peony Symbolism and Meaning

Peonies are the quintessential symbol of spring, signaling the entrance of pleasantly chilly weather that soon leads to summer. The large, pastel flowers ...

The White Poppy: A Powerful Emblem of Peace and Reflection

From medicine to peace demonstrations, the white poppy is a widely used plant species that has left its mark on our world throughout the years. While not as ...