Celtic Mythology
Morrigan – The Ancient Irish Trinity Goddess

The Morrigan, also called Mórrígan or Morrígu, is one of the most unique and complex deities of Irish mythology. She’s depicted as a strong, mysterious and ...

Danu: The Mother Goddess at the Heart of Celtic Mythology

In Celtic mythology, the goddess Danu, also known as Anu or Dana, is the ancient mother of all gods and of the Celtic people. She was thought to be both the ...

Celtic Horned God Cernunnos – History and Symbolism

In Celtic mythology, Cernunnos was the Horned God who ruled over wild beasts and places. He’s most commonly associated with forests, wild animals, ...

Triple Goddess Symbol – What Does It Really Mean?

The Triple Goddess is a deity with significance in many spiritual and Neopagan groups. The symbol is often featured on the headdresses of High Priestesses ...

Medb –  Legendary Queen of Ireland

The story of Queen Medb is one of Ireland's greatest legends. This goddess in the flesh was fierce, seductive, beautiful, and most importantly powerful. No ...

Fear Gorta –Irish “Good Luck” Zombies

Most cultures and religions seem to have one version of a zombie-like creature or another, but few are as peculiar as the Fear Gorta. Translated as Man of ...

Dearg Due – The Vengeful Irish Vampiress

The Dearg Due is one of several blood-sucking monstrosities in the Irish/Celtic folklore. Depicted as a female figure, the Dearg Due is one of the most ...

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