Greek Mythology
Eleutheria – The Greek Goddess of Freedom

Many Greek gods are famous to this day for their unique looks, myths, and characteristics. There’s one goddess, however, that we know very little of, even ...

Aeolus – The Keeper of the Winds (Greek Mythology)

In Greek mythology, “Aeolus” is a name given to three characters who are genealogically related. Their accounts are also so similar that ancient ...

Astraea – Greek Goddess of Justice and Innocence

In ancient Greek mythology, there were several deities related to the notion of moral balance (or ‘sophrosyne’). Among these, Astraea, the virgin goddess of ...

The Erotes – The Winged Gods of Love

Love has been a powerful driving force throughout all of mankind’s history. It is an emotion so complex and relevant to cultural life, that the Greeks had ...

Ourea – The Greek Deities of Mountains

In Greek mythology, each mountain was believed to have its own deity. The Ourea were the primordial deities that represented the mountains of the world ...

Himeros – Greek God of Erotic Desire

Greek mythology is filled to the brim with erotic desire and and sexual misconduct. Zeus, the almighty King of the Gods, cheated on his wife regularly with ...

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