Roman Mythology
Ceres: The Roman Goddess of Fertility and Agriculture

Agriculture has always been a fundamental part of any society, and naturally, deities connected to the harvest, agriculture and fertility abound in every ...

Janus –  Roman God of Time, Beginnings, Endings, and Doorways

Many think that all Roman gods are just renamed copies of the “original” Greek deities. However, that’s not the case. Meet Janus – the Roman god of time, ...

The Myth of Pomona and Vertumnus – Roman Mythology

Roman mythology is filled with fascinating stories of gods and goddesses, and the tale of Pomona and Vertumnus is no exception. These two deities are often ...

Romulus and Remus – History and Mythology

In the ancient world, it was a tradition to explain the origins of places through legends and myths. Raised in the wild by a she-wolf, Romulus and Remus ...

Terra – Roman Goddess of the Earth

Mother Earth personified, Terra is one of the oldest – if not the oldest – Roman deities we know of. Ancient yet actively worshipped throughout Rome’s ...

Libertas – The Roman Goddess of Freedom

Libertas is one of the minor yet most popular Roman deities. This ancient “Lady Liberty” was the patron of freed slaves in Rome, her face can be seen on ...

8 Most Famous Roman Myths

Roman mythology is known for its rich stories. Most of the stories of Roman mythology were almost entirely borrowed from the Greek, but there are many local ...

Decoding Bellona: Rome’s Influential Goddess of War

War deities have been an important aspect of almost every ancient civilization and mythology. Rome was no exception. Considering that the Roman Empire is ...

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