What Is Labrys Symbol — History and Meaning

One of the oldest symbols of Greek civilization, the "labrys" or a double-headed axe has many religious and mythological connotations. The labrys continues ...

What Does the Anchor Symbol Mean?

Anchors are practical objects, used to keep vessels in place. But they’re also a beautiful symbol, often used on jewelry, clothing and for decorative ...

Arrow Symbol – What Does It Mean?

Arrows are a graphic symbol mostly used to indicate or point towards a particular direction. Arrow symbols can be found everywhere. In fact, if we look ...

What is the Dharma Wheel? (and What it Means)

The dharma wheel is one of the most ancient symbols in Indian history and culture. Its meaning and significance vary depending on which culture and religion ...

Why Are Goldfish Considered Lucky?

Have you ever wondered why goldfish are among the most popular pets in the world? One reason is because they are believed to bring good fortune and ...

What Is Ichthys Symbol – History and Meaning

One of the earliest symbols of Christianity, the “ichthys” or “ichthus” consists of two intersecting arcs, creating a fish shape. However, the fish symbol ...

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