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Dreaming About the Same Person – What Could It Mean?

Relationships are an important part of the existence of human beings as they give us a feeling of belonging which is much needed. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to have recurring dreams of someone close to you. If you’re dreaming of someone repetitively, it could be a reflection of your psyche, especially if seen in a spiritual light. 

In order to understand what your dream means, it’s important to consider all aspects of it. This includes your relationship with the person you saw, what they were doing, what you felt during the dream, and in some cases, what the outcome of the dream was. 

If you have a strong bond with the person in the dream, it’s possible that you’re concerned about the person which is why they keep showing up in the dream. Contrarily, it’s also possible that you don’t have any kind of relationship with this person, in which case the dream may have no special meaning. 

Dreaming About The Same Person: General Interpretations

dreaming about the same person

Dreaming of the same person over and over again can be linked to the relationships that you share with other people in your waking life. If the person you see in your subconscious stage is your partner or spouse, the dream could be a reflection of your emotions and mental state as connected to the person. 

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If the person you dream about is someone you know and dislike, it could mean that you need to cut ties with this person and move on in life. 

1. Concern for Someone 

You may be concerned for the person you keep dreaming about and so they’re constantly on your mind. For example, the person may be going through some personal issues in their life or need help. If something is concerning you or taking priority in your thoughts, it remains in your subconscious even when you’re asleep. If you keep having recurring dreams about one person, the chances are that person is on your mind a lot, for whatever reason. 

2. Unresolved Issues

These dreams are also extremely common if you’re missing someone in your life. Such dreams with the same recurring theme can reflect an unresolved issue that is bothering you. For example, there may be things that have been left unsaid between the two of you – unfinished business, as it were. 

If it’s an ex, you may be subconsciously reliving the past or longing to reconnect with that person. Alternatively, the dream could be telling you that it’s time to put away the past and move on from that chapter in your life. 

It may also mean that you’ve had a falling out with the person you keep seeing in your dreams and it’s time for you to settle your differences. If this interpretation applies to you, you will likely stop having these dreams once you’ve talked it out with this person. 

3. Competitiveness

Sometimes, recurring dreams about the same person can indicate a sense of competitiveness and wanting to one-up the other person. Again, this connects to the first point, i.e., the person is on your mind a lot, and therefore appears in your dreams.

4. Feelings for Someone

One of the most obvious reasons, we tend to dream about a person if we have feelings for them – whether they’re a past flame, a present crush, or a potential partner. By analysing the feelings associated with the dream, the circumstances of the dream, and how you felt when waking up, you may be able to dig a little deeper as to why you keep dreaming about this one person that you have feelings for. 

5. Stress and Desire for Peace 

Sometimes a recurring dream involving the same person may indicate that you have a lot of stress and complexity in your life at present, and you desire peace and tranquillity. The person may be a representation of stress – for example, if the workplace is producing a lot of stress in your life, you may dream about your boss or colleagues. 

Alternatively, the person in your dream may be reminding you about what you’re missing out on by holding on the current state of things in your life. For example, you may dream about your children or a childhood friend, reminding you about a carefree lifestyle.

Types of Dreams about the Same Person 

dreaming of childhood friends

Recurring Dream of a Friend From Childhood 

Dreaming of the same childhood friend can indicate that you wish to go back to your childhood when you had no worries, tension, or responsibilities to be fulfilled. 

It’s also possible that your childhood friend is a symbol of some stressful or traumatic event that you had faced in your life as a child and are continuing to face even as an adult. On the other hand, the dream could also simply mean that you’re missing that particular friend and want to meet them badly. 

Dreaming of the Same Family Member 

If you dream of the same family member multiple times, it can mean that you have an unhealthy or unstable relationship with that particular family member and that you wish to make some changes. Perhaps you don’t have peace in your life because of the constant arguments that take place among your family members and this could be causing you stress to the point where it triggers these dreams. 

Recurring Dreams of Your Boss 

Having recurring dreams about your boss could mean that you are extremely focused on your job and that you work hard to outperform all your colleagues in the office. The dream can also highlight the fact that you dislike your boss as well as your job. Perhaps your boss is harsh and overworks you in which case this could be a common dream. 

This dream scenario can also be a warning that you will have to face a lot of challenges in the coming days. If your boss is making your life difficult, your subconscious mind could be giving you a sign that it’s time to change your job.

Dreaming of Your Mother 

If you keep having dreams about your mother, it could be because you’re worried about your mother’s health. If you and your mother both lead busy lifestyles and haven’t got the chance to spend some time together, the dream could represent your desire to do so. You may be feeling as though the bond you share with her is weakening and you want to work on strengthening it again. 

This dream scenario is also very common if your mother has passed away. You may be constantly missing and thinking about her, which could cause your subconscious mind to show you images of her as you sleep. 

Dreaming of a Deceased Person 

If someone dear to you has passed away, it’s quite common to have recurring dreams about that person. The grief and stress you feel from this experience could be triggering these dreams, showing you the deceased person over and over again, giving you some comfort. 

In Brief 

Dreaming about the same person over and over again can seem strange and uncomfortable, especially if the person is someone you don’t know or dislike. If you continue to have such dreams, remember to take a close look at all the elements that appear in your dream, since the details affect its meaning, giving it a positive or negative interpretation. 

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