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Dreaming of Heights – Meaning & Symbolism 

Dreams about heights are quite common and many believe that they have negative interpretations. however, this isn’t always the case. In fact, they can serve as reminders, reveal something about your personality, or draw your attention to something that’s not quite right in your waking life. 

Most dreams about heights have interesting interpretations and far deeper meanings than you’d imagine. If you’ve had a dream about heights and you’re wondering what it could mean, it’s important to understand first that this is not an uncommon dream. 

However, its interpretation can vary depending on the various elements you see in it. For instance, what you felt during the dream, where you were, and how big of a height you saw could all affect its meaning. 

Here’s a look at the interpretations and meanings of dreams about heights. 

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What do Dreams about Heights Mean?

dreaming about heights

Dreams about heights can signify various concepts including the following: 

Grand Accomplishments 

Some dreams about heights can represent great accomplishments in your waking life. They may be accomplishments that you have already achieved or hope to achieve in the future. If you’ve already achieved these goals, you may currently be feeling immensely satisfied with yourself and how far you’ve come. 


These dreams can also signify your fears about certain aspects of your life. You may be afraid of failing at something you’ve been trying hard to achieve. You could also be doubting yourself and your ability to succeed in life. It’s likely you may be having trouble recognizing your own potential. 


Dreaming about heights can signify your ambitions and that you trust yourself to do well in achieving your goals. People around you may think that your goals are unachievable and unrealistic. However, you likely have the strength and confidence to fight for what you want in life without letting others influence your decisions. 

Lack of Confidence 

Dreams about heights can indicate that you currently lack confidence in yourself and may be afraid of failing at a project you’ve been working on. You may be having trouble dealing with your responsibilities which could cause problems in your waking life. 


Your dream could be giving you a sign that you will soon face some major problems in your life but will emerge victoriously. On the other hand, this dream can also mean that you or a loved one may be having health-related problems. 


This kind of dream can be a sign that you may soon succeed in everything that you do, including projects you have been working on. A period of excitement and joy is most likely just around the corner. 

Trying to Achieve Your Goals 

Dreaming about heights can be an indication that you’re working hard to achieve your goals. However, it could also be a sign that the goals you have set for yourself are not realistic and beyond your capacity. If you’re not careful, your efforts could be wasted, and you may find yourself failing. 

Dreams About Heights – Common Scenarios 

In general, dreams about heights can reveal many things about your personality as well as your secret wishes and desires.  If you’re not someone who’s easily satisfied with average things or if you feel like nothing in life makes you passionate or excited, you’re likely to have these kinds of dreams. You may be feeling disappointed with what you’ve got in life and looking for something better instead. However, the meaning of your dream can differ depending on its context and the various elements in it, making it positive or negative.  

Dreaming of Flying at a Great Height

dreaming of flying at heights

This dream scenario represents your ambitions and goals, but it could also indicate that you’re a confident, strong person in full control of your life. It’s likely you have a calm and collected personality and does not struggle with facing difficult situations. Others around you may be amazed at the goals and ambitions you have for yourself to the point where they may think that you’re overconfident. However, you are well aware of your limits and know exactly what you’re capable of. 

Dreaming of flying high could mean that you’re rising above a mundane lifestyle or trying to avoid something (on the ground). Dreams about flying are quite common and, in most cases, they leave the dreamer feeling joyful and carefree. The feeling of joy that you get from flying in a dream can be associated with a strong state of awareness and a connection with your spirituality. It could also point towards a broader perspective on life when you’re looking at things from a great height. 

On the other hand, this dream scenario could be a sign that you may be overlooking or avoiding something that needs to be dealt with immediately. You might want to take a closer look at your life as it could help you to figure out what changes you may need to make. 

Dreaming of Being on a Ferris Wheel 

Ferris wheel heights

Carnival rides typically represent brief moments of escapism from the realities of your waking life. If you dream about being at the top of a Ferris wheel, it could mean that several aspects of your life may require change. When this need for change is hinted at in dreams, it usually means that you’re not aware of your ability to achieve great things or that you’re comfortable with your life as it is and you’re afraid of change. 

The Ferris wheel in your dream could represent the possibility of reaching a higher vantage point, but in a circular motion, meaning there is always the possibility of ending up in the same place where you started. If you get stuck in this ride, it may symbolize the desire to see further without doing the real work of expanding the consciousness. And without this work, at the end of the ride there will have made no progress at all.

Dreaming of Getting to a Higher Vantage Point 

climb up vantage point

Dreaming of getting to a higher vantage point can represent that it’s easier to see the bigger picture when you look at it from a different point of view. The higher the vantage point, the more expansive the view of the broader environment will be. This is true not only in a practical sense but also in a more spiritual one, as in expanding one’s consciousness. 

Again, the higher the level of thought, the more enlightened one is considered to be. Literally, the more you see, the more you know. Such knowledge can help you to make better life choices and take a wiser approach toward life in general. 

On the other hand, this dream could also mean that the higher you go, the more likely it is to lose your footing and fall down so you may need to be extra careful about this.

Dreaming about Being on a Roof

standing on a roof in dream

In some interpretations of Freudian psychoanalysis, buildings are associated with the human body. The roof represents the head, the place where the mind resides. 

Physical, solid structures of buildings represent consciousness so to dream of standing on an open roof could mean that your mind is vulnerable. It may be easy for others to influence you and change your way of thinking. 

Dreaming about Skydiving


Skydiving is a thrilling and exciting experience that can have a positive interpretation when seen in dreams. The type of controlled fall involved in skydiving can represent that your mind is overcoming the fear of failure. 

However, it can also signify excitement in life or that you need to let go of the desire to be in control of everything in your waking life. Sometimes you may need to accept the fact that you cannot control everything, and you will need to trust the process. 

Dreaming of a High Tower

tower dream

Towers are part of a Medieval theme which is deeply engraved in our unconscious. They offer a vantage point when defending a fortress or a castle. As mentioned earlier, buildings relate to the human body, and heavily fortified castles can represent a body that is resilient to change. The part of the edifice that towers above the rest reaches the unconscious, or at least a higher consciousness.

Towers in dreams may point to a search for higher ground in terms of aspirations, but again, a castle is built to withstand sieges and to endure the passing of time, so such aspirations will be hard to achieve. Also, prisoners are held in towers. They can be the prison of your unconscious needs if you do not allow for positive change to happen.

In Brief

Dreams about heights can mean many things and it’s important to recall as much detail of the dream as possible before you try to understand it. These dreams can highlight the need (or desire) for changes that will have positive outcomes, but only if you listen to what your dreams tell you.

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