Flowers that Symbolize Strength 

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If you’re looking to start your very own flower garden or arrange a beautiful bouquet for someone who’s going through a hard time, flowers that symbolize strength would be an excellent choice. Such flowers generally make ideal gifts as they promote positive feelings and can inspire the receiver to be strong in the face of adversity. Here’s a look at 10 popular flowers that symbolize strength


valerian flower

Valerian is a clumping perennial flower cultivated in various regions including North America, Europe, and Asia. There are about 200 species of the plant most of which are cultivated for medicinal purposes. 

Used extensively throughout history for various purposes, the Valerian flower is regarded as a symbol of health and strength, most likely because of its Latin name. 

Over the years, it has been used for pain relief, stress reduction, and is also known to be beneficial for heart health. Although it’s not popular for its culinary traits, the roots can be steeped to make tea, which is used as a sleep aid. 



Native to the northern regions of the U.S., Canada, Asia, and Europe, Potentilla plants come in various colors including white, yellow, orange, pink, and red. They’re popular for their cup-shaped or star-shaped flowers and minimal care requirements. 

Potentillas got their name from the Latin word ‘poten’ meaning ‘powerful’, which is why their flowers are symbols of strength and power. Additionally, these flowers also symbolize loyalty, honor, womanhood, and maternal love. 


Rhapsody in red flowers
Rhapsody in red flowers with Gladiolus. Check price on From You Flowers.

The name gladiolus is derived from the Latin word ‘gladius’ meaning ‘sword’ because the leaves of this flower resemble swords. In the past, the gladiator flower represented the gladiators of Rome who would hang it around their necks in the belief that it would give them the strength to win the war.


There are over 260 species of Gladiolus of which about 250 are found in South Africa alone. This plant is available in various colors and symbolizes strength, strong personality, dignity, and moral integrity. It also represents loyalty and remembrance. In some cultures, it’s regarded as a symbol of a serious romantic relationship.



The Epimedium plant, also known as the Horny goat weed has 60 different species and is native to China although it can also be found in some parts of Asia and Europe. It’s believed to reduce nerve pain and fatigue, and can also be used as a type of medication for erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, and hay fever. It’s also regarded as a symbol of strength and fertility in many cultures. 



Echinacea, also known as ‘Coneflower’, is native to North America. Native Americans and Indians have long used this flower for its various medicinal properties and today it has become a popular herbal medicine throughout Europe.

This plant is among the 10 most consumed plants and is very effective for strengthening the immune system. It can be used to relieve colds, flu, and bronchitis as well as bladder inflammation. The flower symbolizes strength and good health, which matches perfectly with its use.



Also known as ‘Rock rose’, the Cistus plant is native to Morocco, Portugal, the Canary Islands, and the Middle East. A hardy, drought-tolerant plant, this Mediterranean evergreen shrub grows to a height of about 2 meters. It’s used in the health and beauty industries as well as in medicine. Rock rose is a symbol of endurance and strength as it’s a low-maintenance plant that holds ups well even when not consistently watered. 


Splendor flowers
Splendor flowers with Allium. Check price on From You Flowers.

Allium is known by many different names including ‘Gladiator’, ‘Globemaster’, ‘Goliath’, and ‘Ornamental onion’. Native to the Northern Hemisphere, there are over 700 different types of allium cultivated all over the world. Its name “allium” is derived from the Latin word for garlic.


Allium blossoms are unique and have various symbolic meanings in the language of flowers. They represent good fortune, patience, and grace, and because all the flowers sprout from one bulb, they also symbolize unity and strength. 



Astrantia is famous for its beautiful star-shaped flowers after which it was named. The name ‘Astrantia’ is derived from the Latin word “aster”, which means “star”. Astrantia is a genus of about 10 perennial species native to Europe and Asia and has many flowers in pink, red, and purple.

The oil extracted from this plant is used in the composition of gastric syrup while its dried leaves are used with herbal medicines as a tonic to improve digestion. Astrantia is a symbol of protection, strength, and courage.



Antirrhinum, commonly known as Snapdragon or Dragon Flower, is a symbol of grace, benevolence, power, and protection. It also represents strength due to its ability to grow in uninhabitable areas.

Originally grown in America, North Africa, and Spain, Snapdragons are found in various colors and each has its own meaning.  Since ancient times, there has been a lot of symbolism surrounding this flower and it was even used as a protective charm against falsehood. 

Cactus Flower 

cactus flower

Cacti are hardy succulents that represent strength and endurance.  They grow in areas that are typically uninhabitable and highly arid and not only do they thrive in such areas, but they also bloom, producing stunning flowers. These plants are often placed indoors as reminders to be strong and endure even in the most difficult of times. 

Their flowers have different symbolism and meaning in different cultures and the meanings can also change depending on the color of the flower. For example, pink and orange flowers symbolize youth while white and yellow flowers represent endurance and strength. 

Wrapping Up 

Whether you are putting together a bouquet for someone special or thinking about starting your own flower garden, flowers that symbolize strength are a great place to start. Not only are these plants beautiful, but they may also have certain health benefits. They serve as beautiful reminders to be strong and work hard toward a better future.

Dani Rhys

Dani Rhys

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