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The Meaning of the Twin Flame Symbol

Twin flames are symbols that constantly show up on tattoos, logos, and other forms of art, and if you look carefully, you are bound to find them hidden everywhere.  

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This symbol features a triangle, a flame, an infinity symbol, and a circle.  

Why is this ancient symbol so mystical and difficult to comprehend? What does a twin flame really mean? Let’s take a look at this intriguing but mystical concept.

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It’s a Twin Flame Thing. See this here. 

Any culture, religion, or spiritual community uses symbols to reflect meaning and knowledge. Many cultures have at one time, or another dealt with the symbolism of the twin flames. 

There are many symbols that represent the concept of the twin flame, which varies depending on the culture. For example, the yin and yang symbol, as well as a heart with an infinity symbol running through it, are frequently used to represent the twin flames.  

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However, the most common twin flame symbol is the one that features a triangle set within a circle, with an infinity symbol under it, and two flames within it.  

Most Popular Twin Flame Symbol  

twin flame symbol

Let’s take a look at what each element of the twin flame symbol represents. 

1. Symbolism of the Flames 

The twin flame symbol can be interpreted in many ways, which alters how the flames appear. A fantastic technique to illustrate the dualism of the twin flames is to highlight the difference between them, having the flames entwined, or separated. 

Twins are supposed to be like two sides of the same coin. So, when they are together, they appear to be the same, integrated into one. The twin flames can still grow, even when they are separated, as they are still close by and transfer heat and energy between each other. 

symbolism of flame

The twin flame symbol features two flames at the center. Each twin is represented by one of the flames. Flames represent their ferocious passion and how brilliant they are when they are together. If the two flames are combined, the resulting flame merely spreads.  

When twins are together, their intense desires are frequently irrational and disorderly. And when chaotic energies meet in love and creativity, we need to be cautious because things might swiftly get out of hand. It is a fantastic use of symbolism because, like a candle left unattended for too long, a twin relationship may soon spiral out of control. 

Sometimes the flames can be depicted as entwined or separated, however, this is primarily a matter of taste. Whatever the case may be, the meaning remains the same.  

If anything, this decision strengthens the overall message and so far, we think that one of the most interesting depictions of the twin flames is the depiction of several important concepts: 

2. Symbolism of the Infinity  

The number eight just so happens to stand in for the infinity sign, albeit rotated horizontally. Coincidentally, eight is a balanced number, and twin flames are all about balance. 

The essence of infinity is eternal love, but it also requires balance for eternity to be a reality rather than a mere dream. They will be continually brought back together through life and death so they can be unified. Therefore, the twins will loop back into each other like the infinity symbol because of their unbreakable bond. 

symbolism of infinity

Masculine Energy: 

In most twin flame triangle symbols, you can often find an infinity symbol (or horizontal number eight figure) beneath the triangle (and enclosed by a circle.) The left loop of this infinity symbol represents the force of masculinity.  

This masculine energy is the other half of the twin flames and has nothing to do with traditional gender norms. This half stands for steadiness and power where it favors reason over feeling. Of course, this energy is neither harmful nor out of balance. It is merely protective but not tyrannical. 

Consider this part of the symbol to be the physical demands in a relationship; hence, it is only half of the equation for a healthy, long-lasting partnership. 

Feminine Energy:

The right point symbolizes femininity that exists to counteract the masculine force. The divine feminine, like the masculine energy, doesn’t have to be a woman; all it needs to be is the opposite energy of the male. The feminine energy provides a balancing nature that prioritizes feelings above reason. Both of these energies have creativity and intuition. 

Consider this to be the more compassionate of the twins where it will meet the relationship’s emotional needs. Therefore, with the combination of the masculine and feminine, your physical and emotional needs are satisfied, and a relationship can successfully flourish. 

The top of the symbol, where the triangle converges, represents the twins’ unity and duality. The divine energy can now converge at the top because the other points have balanced it out. 

The Triangle 

the triangle symbol

Twin flames symbolize putting their emotional puzzle pieces together. So, when they reach their peak, the twins will be in perfect harmony and connected on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.  

As such, this whole thing is about two forces squaring off and uniting and the top of the triangle is essential to the union of the masculine and feminine energies. 

The twins will always go along the lines that connect these points and although they will occasionally fall and encounter steep terrain, they will, eventually, meet in unison. 

3. The Circle

the circle symbol

Circles are frequently used in symbolism and all of the concepts we’ve talked about are enclosed in a circle. The circle encompasses the entire twin flames and symbolizes the cyclical nature of how twins will experience karmic and reincarnation throughout their trip. 

We develop into our higher selves and ascend to be with our twin as we pass through various incarnations. Your souls are one and whole even though you are two distinct individuals, and no matter what one twin accomplishes, everything runs in a circle. 

There is no beginning or end. The twins will eventually run into each other and travel their paths together. 

twin flames symbol pendant
Twin flame in jewelry. See it here. 

4. The Symbol of Fire 

According to scientific research, humans discovered the fire about a million years ago, as evidenced by their findings of plant ashes and parts of burnt bones near the shelters of prehistoric humans. Since then, fire has been a symbol of warmth, love, survival, energy, and destruction. 

More often than not, the symbol of fire is closely related to survival, and fire is mentioned in many mythologies and religions in a divine sense. In Hinduism, the worship of fire is still held in high regard, with several ceremonies and rituals dedicated to this natural phenomenon. 

In ancient magical rituals, it is used for exorcism, strength, desire, protection, change, courage, anger, cancellation of black magic, as well as purification from evil forces and spiritual renewal. Even today, the power of fire is seen by many people as something divine, holy, powerful, and worthy of worship. Apart from that, fire is also seen as a symbol of wisdom and life. 

The Origins of the Twin Flame Symbol 

a lit candle

Of course, we will never know the exact information, place, and time of the first appearance of the flame symbol. Nevertheless, we are familiar with the fact that every civilization, so far, has left its interpretation of fire. 

1. Zoroastrianism and the Lord of Flames 

One of the more influential religions is Zoroastrianism, which is said to be one of the world’s oldest organized religions originating from Persia (modern-day Iran). Its origins, according to the opinions of historians and experts of Zoroastrianism, were around 6,000 years BC. 

The oldest writings of Zoroastrianism, the Gathas, were written in the Avesta language, which is remarkably similar to Sanskrit, in which the Rig Vedas were written. 

In Zoroastrianism, the supreme God Ahura Mazda was revered, and the name loosely translates to “The Giver of Life.” Also, by translating through Sanskrit, we get Mazda: mahaa-great and daa-giver. Thereby, Ahura Mazda can also be interpreted as the Great Giver, the Great Creator. 

The great reformer of Zoroastrianism, Zarathustra (Zoroaster), left a lot of knowledge about this religion intact, and although the entire library in Persepolis was burned after the attack of Alexander the Great (and then what was left was destroyed by the invasion of the Arabs). This knowledge was still preserved on the mountaintops and oral tradition. 

There, it was recorded that Zarathustra lived in a temple of Fire and performed his rituals because, under Zoroastrianism (or Zoroastrianism), fire is considered to be a symbol of divinity.  

2. The Sanctity of the Twin Flames 

a fire

In Zoroastrianism, it is claimed that fire elevates one’s thoughts above the impurities of the material world. Fire purifies everything it touches, and itself is never defiled. Therefore, fire is the link between the finite and the infinite. The body, the earth, and life are fire.  

Just as all flames, when they come together, merge into one fire, so do human souls, when they come together melt into one universal soul. Fire reminds us that activity is life, and inactivity is death. Fire can turn everything into ashes, proving that nothing is permanent. It is the same in all climates and periods, it is impartial, and its power is evident: purifying all corruption and creating unity. 

Fire priests at that time, in addition to bearing esoteric knowledge, had the obligation of constantly maintaining the fire in the temple. The fire was always maintained with the help of dry and fragrant wood, usually sandalwood. They intensified the fire with bellows because they did not want to contaminate it with the breath of humans.  

There were always two priests taking care of the Fire. Both had a pair of tongs and a spoon, the tongs for driving away wood, and a spoon for sprinkling fragrance. 

3. Heraclitus and the Knowledge of Flames 

In the same manner, as Zarathushtra or Zoroastrianism, the knowledge of fire was expounded in the modern-day Balkans by a Greek philosopher named Heraclitus. He spoke about the constant change and the unity of all beings. According to him, “everything moves, everything flows.” 

When talking about fire, Heraclitus mentioned that everything comes from and returns to the same source. He spoke of Fire as a deity, and for him, the matter is in constant change. Therefore, He took flames as a symbol of activity, the beginning, and end of everything (like Zarathustra).  

For him, stability in life does not exist, it is an illusion, and the only paths that exist are the paths upwards, to the sublime, and the paths down, to degradation.  

The World Has, Always, Is, And Always Will Be Living Fire 

a man and fire

According to the mythology of the people who lived in ancient Greece, the Goddess Artemis was considered the sister of the God Apollo. In their temples, especially in the temple in Delphi, dedicated to Apollo, the fire was revered. According to legend, it is said that Apollo brought Fire, i.e., knowledge and wisdom, from the land of the north – Hyperborea.  

The teachings of fire are characterized by three principles: self-development, defense, and healing. Self-development leads us to get to know ourselves.  

Because, when we realize it, we will understand that we were looking for the truth in the wrong place – outside. Therefore, we should look for it within ourselves. This fact is evidenced by the inscription on the temple of Apollo in Delphi, which says, “Know yourself and you will know the whole world”. 

The teaching of fire is neither religious teaching nor atheistic. The power of fire itself shows us that the problem in man is failing to reduce what is bad and increase what is good. As such, fire is knowledge

Wrapping Up 

We hope this article helped you understand the symbolism of fire, more specifically the twin flames. We are filled with different energies and so is everything around us. These energies meet, converge, and then separate only to meet again later, just like twin flames who affect one another with their unique energies. 

We hope this article helps you understand the duality of virtually everything in nature and encourages you to appreciate both your energies and allow them to unite and balance each other out. 

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