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Spiral Goddess – What This Symbol Really Means

Just like images of the Venus of Willendorf and Michelangelo’s Pieta, renderings of the Spiral Goddess resonate with women in a primal sense. It’s clear that the Spiral Goddess symbolism represents raw feminine power, but how does it differ from other depictions of womanhood and matriarchal power?

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the representations of the Spiral Goddess to find out what it really means.

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What is The Spiral Goddess?

Spiral goddess symbol

If you’ve ever seen a pendant, a figurine, or a tattoo that features the silhouette of a woman with both hands raised in the air or linked together upwards, and a spiral on her belly, that is the Spiral Goddess.

This symbol is a common imagery in Paganism and Wicca and is used liberally by worshippers of the Goddess.

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The Spiral of Life

The most important and distinctive feature of this goddess symbol is the spiral drawn on the belly of the woman. As one of the oldest signs that has existed in nature before the majority of the languages and alphabets we know today, spirals have taken on many different definitions across cultures and centuries. They’re a popular Celtic symbol and can be seen on ancient structures dating back thousands of years.

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More than anything, though, spirals represent the constant evolution of nature and life. The lines symbolize progress and constant motion, as you can virtually draw a spiral that goes on and on and never ends. At the same time, it represents cycles and journeys like the continuous cycle of life itself.

In relation to the Spiral Goddess, you’ll notice that the spiral is either drawn right in the center of the woman’s belly or just below it, in the navel area. In the latter case, it could represent the woman’s menstrual cycle or the birth of new life from a mother’s womb. Either way, it represents the power of women to reproduce and bring forth new life. 

Furthermore, when the spiral is drawn a little higher than the navel, it represents the outward flow of chakra from one’s core, symbolizing the natural function of human beings to evolve, grow, and change with the passing of time.

Perspective Matters – Which Way Does the Spiral Flow?

What does the spiral goddess symbolize

While spirals are typically represented as a symbol of the good kind of change, do keep in mind that spirals can actually rotate two ways, depending on how you draw it, or how you perceive one that has already been drawn.

  • When drawn or perceived from the small center going outwards, it depicts limitless expansion and infinity. This means chakra is flowing at a good pace, giving us momentum to achieve whatever we set our minds to achieve. It represents good connections with other people and with nature, and one’s ability to see the bigger picture and absorb new information. As Marion Milner put it: The growth of understanding follows an ascending spiral rather than a straight line.

However, take note that there is such a thing called spiraling out of control – which means the unrestricted and uncontrolled outflow of chakra and energy can also be a bad, destructive thing. 

  • On the other hand, when you start drawing or perceiving the spiral from its outermost sphere going in, you are going to hit a dead end sooner or later. This means disconnecting from the bigger picture and stagnating progress. It is related to spiraling down, or when things get worse and worse all the way to a point of no return. 

So, when looking at the Spiral Goddess, it is imperative that you focus your attention first on the innermost circle – the core of the spiral, and imagine the chakra and energy flowing outwards instead of inwards. Take note of the end of the spiral and be assured of total control over your progress, neither letting it stagnate or slip out of your control.

Symbolism of the Spiral Goddess’ Hands Held Up

Spiral goddess hands held up

Another important symbolism present in the Spiral Goddess is the way her hands are held above her head. It’s a poignant imagery that comes in contrast to the usual depiction of women holding their hands clasped down in front in order to conceal their lady parts. This time, the Spiral Goddess allows herself to be fully exposed, to symbolize feminine power and the reclamation of everything powerful about her.

May it be her menstrual cycle, her sexual desires, her reproductive organs, her pregnancy, or the flow of her chakra from the core out to the world, the Spiral Goddess leaves it all in plain view instead of hiding everything that makes her special, unique, and strong. Instead of cowering in fear or shame about the natural progress of her body and life, the Spiral Goddess stands steadfast and claims her entire being.

Remember how the spiral in her belly can either be a good or a bad omen? Well, the way the statue’s hands are held above her head can also mean one of two beautiful things: celebration or total surrender.

When things are spiraling inward and is threatening to implode, the Spiral Goddess concedes in total surrender and lets nature takes its due course. After all, the motion of the spiral represents cycles, which means the bad will eventually transform into something good. 

On the other hand, when things are spiraling outward, boding continuous creativity, progress and growth, the Spiral Goddess has her hands raised in celebration. All these represent wisdom and maturity and taking things in stride – both the good and the bad.

It is now time for all women of the colorful mind, who are aware of the cycles of night and day, and the dance of the moon in her tides, to arise – Dhyani Ywahoo (Open Mind)

Wrapping Up

The Spiral Goddess, as a symbol of feminine power, fertility, life cycles, celebration, and surrender, serve as a visual reminder for women everywhere that the unique power they hold within is not something to be feared or hidden in shame, but something to be welcomed with open arms and a willingness to let all of it mold and transform them into a different version of themselves.

Remember the old adage:

Self-growth is a spiral; we keep returning to the lessons we need to learn over and over again until they’re assimilated.

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