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Superstitions About an Itchy Right Hand

If you’ve been having a persistent itch on your right hand, you may be wondering whether that means anything. After all, there are many superstitions associated with itches on various parts of the body. These have existed for centuries – and can be found in diverse cultures.

So, what does it mean to have an itching right hand? Is there any truth to it or is it all just a superstition? What’s more, could there be more to an itching hand than meets the eye? Let’s find out.

What Does an Itchy Right Hand Mean?

The right side of the body is often associated with positive superstitions. For example, if you’re right ear is itching, it’s thought to mean that someone’s complimenting or praising you (while a left year itch means that you’re being badmouthed), while an itchy right foot represents good luck, travel, and progress.

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In the same way, an itchy right hand has positive connotations. It can represent impending good fortune and opportunities. Although the term “fortune” conjures up images of money, it can refer to a wide range of things, including a gift, a job opportunity, or a promotion.

Possibly the most well-known superstition about an itching right hand is that it denotes an impending financial windfall. According to superstition, if your left palm itches, it means you’re going to lose money, but if you’re right palm itches, you’re going to gain money.

Various Myths About Itchy Palms

As a superstition, having itchy palms has accumulated many diverse interpretations. Here are a few of the more interesting superstitions that are related to this itch.

Get Ahold of Your Hair!

In Hungary, it is widely accepted that itchy palms can only tell you about what is to come. You should grab your hair when you start to feel a bit of an itch on your palm using the hand that is itching (in this case, the right hand). The amount of hair you grab will determine how much money you get. I hope you’ve got a lot of hair!

Keep Your Hands Off It!

Supposedly, scratching an irritated palm is a bad omen, and it’s best to avoid doing so at all costs. In other words, if your right-hand itches, try to put up with the irritation for as long as possible. It’s the only way to keep the good fortune from being scratched away.

Is There a New Person in My Life?

Itchy hands aren’t always a sign of wealth. A right itchy palm is often taken as a sign that a new love interest is about to enter your life, at least in Ireland. According to some, the individual in question is a future companion or lover.

In Ireland, it’s also believed that an itchy right palm means you will have to pay money out soon.

Friendship and Money

In some Slavic countries of Eastern Europe, a right-handed itch represents friendship since your right hand is generally used to shake hands with others.

Arrival of Family or News

Having an itching right hand suggests that you’ll meet someone new, but this isn’t the only friend-related myth concerning itchy right hands. Scratching your right palm could be a sign that you need to pick up the broom and start sweeping. If you notice that your right palm is itchy, it could be a sign that your residence is about to be visited by guests.

Some believe that you will receive news from far away if your right palm itches. There’s another notion that an itchy right hand indicates that a letter will arrive, but you’ll have to spit in your itching palm in order to receive it. Imagine that? This appears to be an excessive amount of effort for the sake of receiving a letter, not to mention rather disgusting. Instead, we’re going to use e-mail.

Luck Might Be on Its Way

If your right palm itches, it could be a sign that luck is on its way. To make sure that you keep that good luck intact, either close your right hand and put it in your pocket, or scratch your itchy palm on a piece of wood to remove any negativity. This is where the phrase ‘knock on wood’ comes from.

A Fight May Ensue

Right-handed people who have discomfort in their right hand may be on the verge of an all-out brawl—literally. If your right hand itches, it implies you’re about to beat someone up, according to the book Italian Folk Magic. However, this appears to be more of a case of wish fulfilment than anything else. Even if you do get into a fight, blaming your itchy fist sounds like a better reason than stating you were just looking to fight.


As one of the most prevalent superstitions, an itchy right palm denotes impending luck and wealth for those who lean towards the superstitious. Because there are multiple meanings of an itchy right hand – how do you know which one to go with? It’s best to lean towards the superstition that resonates with you.

But if your right palm tends to itch a bit too much, maybe there’s something else at play – in this case, you might wish to see your doctor make sure everything is ok. An itchy palm can also indicate a skin condition like eczema, psoriasis, dry skin or allergies.

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