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greek mythology
What Were the Eleusinian Mysteries Really About?

In ancient Greece, there existed certain mystery religions that operated so secretively that only the initiates knew what really went on. Of these, the most ...

10 Bizarre Failed Seductions in Greek Mythology

In dozens of Greek myths, the Gods have not always been the most charming or affectionate. They are depicted as tyrannical and ruthless, neglecting their ...

Triton – Mighty God of the Sea (Greek Mythology)

Mysterious, powerful, and possibly the most famous of all Poseidon’s sons, Triton is a god of the sea. Initially Poseidon’s prime herald, the ...

8 of the Most Messed Up Stories from Greek Mythology 

One thing that most ancient religions and myths have in common are the number of bizarre stories and concepts that they carried. Not only are many such ...