Danu – The Irish Mother Goddess

In Celtic mythology, the goddess Danu, also known as Anu or Dana, is the ancient mother of all gods and of the Celtic people. She was thought to be both the ...

Four Leaf Clover Symbolism and Good Luck Meaning

The four-leaf clover is a universally recognized symbol for good luck. Nowadays, it’s mostly associated with St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and Elon Musk’s ...

The Merrow – Irish Mermaids or Something More?

The merrow legends in Irish mythology are unique yet surprisingly familiar. These gorgeous sea-dwellers resemble the mermaids of Greek mythology and yet ...

Brigid – Irish Goddess (Symbolism and Significance)

Brigid is an Irish goddess of spring, renewal, fertility, poetry, battle, and crafts. She’s a solar goddess and is often visualized with rays of light ...

Macha Goddess and What She Symbolizes

In ancient Ireland, there was a goddess revered by women warriors, feared by men, and known to everyone in all the land. She is called Macha, a deity that ...

Morrigan – The Ancient Irish Trinity Goddess

The Morrigan, also called Mórrígan or Morrígu, is one of the most unique and complex deities of Irish mythology. She’s depicted as a strong, mysterious and ...

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