Asclepius – The Greek God of Healing and Medicine

Asclepius was a demi-god of Greek mythology praised for his contribution to ancient medicine. His other abilities included healing and foretelling ...

Erinyes (Furies) – Three Greek Goddesses of Vengeance

The three Erinyes, called Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone are the chthonic goddesses of vengeance and retribution, known for tormenting and punishing those ...

Orpheus –  The Legendary Musician and Poet

Most people may know Orpheus from one of the most tragic love stories ever written. He was unlucky enough to lose the only person he loved and when given ...

Artemis – The Greek Goddess of Hunting

Artemis (Roman counterpart Diana) is the Greek goddess associated with the moon, chastity, the hunt, childbirth, and the wilderness. Daughter of Leto and ...

Daedalus – The Story of the Legendary Craftsman

The legendary craftsperson, Daedalus, normally associated with Hephaistos, the god of fire, metallurgy, and crafts, stands out among the great figures of ...

Lernaean Hydra – The Many Headed Monster

The Lernaean Hydra is one of the most intriguing yet terrifying monsters of Greek mythology, best known for its connection with Hercules and his 12 labors. ...

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