Laurel Wreath: Why Does It Represent Victory?

In ancient times, emperors and victors would wear laurel wreaths to signify their power, achievements, and authority. These were made from the interwoven ...

12 Ancient Roman Symbols and Their Powerful Legacy

As one of the biggest, most long-lasting, and defining empires in world history, Rome has left its mark across multiple continents. Rome itself was strongly ...

The Importance and Symbolism of the Roman She-Wolf

The she-wolf is an essential symbol of Roman history and culture, and appears throughout the city in various types of artwork. Wolves, in general, are ...

What is the Symbol of the Quincunx?

A Quincunx (pronounced - kwin-kunks) is a geometric pattern with five dots arranged in the shape of a cross. Four of these dots are situated in the corners ...

What Is Cimaruta Charm – History and Meaning

One of the very oldest existing amulets, the cimaruta is a Roman protective charm, featuring a sprig of rue with several apotropaic symbols to ward off ...

Aquila Symbol – History and Symbolism

The Aquila is one of the most recognizable Roman symbols. Coming from the Latin word aquila or “eagle”, the Imperial Aquila symbol is the famous perched eagle ...

Fasces Symbol – Origins and Symbolism

If you search around Google for the Roman Fasces symbol today, you’ll be greeted by multiple articles about fascism. That’s not accidental as the term ...

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