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World Triad: Meaning and Symbolism

One of the most common yet most mystical symbols is the world triad, found in different cultures. The symbol consists of a circle within which are three waterdrop-like designs, set in such a way that they appear dynamic.

While the world triad looks similar to the Chinese yin-yang symbol, their symbolic meanings are quite different. In this article, we’ll take a look at what makes the world triad symbols means.

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Significance of the Number Three

Although the world triad symbol is now widely used all over the world, its recognized as an oriental symbol. The concept of three has been considered a sacred or lucky number in many cultures, with several spiritual and religious symbols incorporating a triad.

As mentioned earlier, the world triad symbol is related to the yin-yang, a symbol that signifies the importance of polar opposites in maintaining balance in the world: life and death; sun and moon; good and bad… and all other things that come in complementary pairs are celebrated by the yin-yang.

However, the world triad symbol adds a third element to the concept of yin-yang. This is the element that is achieved when two polar opposites are in equilibrium: the element of balance.

Meaning and Symbolism of the World Triad

In a nutshell, the world triad symbol recognizes that when two opposites come together, they usually create a third being – a well-balanced entity that draws strength from both opposites.

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The perfect example for this would be the union of male and female, creating new life in the form of a child. While the yin-yang would only celebrate the duality of men and women, the world triad symbol also shines light on the fruit of their union, which is the child.

Another example of perfect balance achieved in threes is the unity of the mind, the body, and the spirit. The world triad could very well relate to the spiritual awakening that follows the union of a developed mind and body. 

A Symbol of Never-ending Motion

Aside from its association with the cosmic balance and stability that comes in threes, the world triad also represents the never-ending motion and progress of living creatures.

The circular frame of the world triad symbol is thought to represent Earth itself, while the three shapes inside symbolize the creatures that coexist in it. Notice how the three irregular shapes seem to be forming a circle or a spiral. This appears to represent the continuing nature of life and how it continually is in motion in pursuit of balance and equilibrium. 

Wrapping Up

In life, harmony is achieved not by seeing things in black and white or by simply picking one side over the other whenever a choice is to be made. As the world triad symbol reminds us, finding balance is all about recognizing the duality in all things, and maintaining harmony between all conflicting forces of nature. 

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