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Dreaming of Being Kidnapped or Abducted

Dreams are an indivisible part of our daily lives and existence. The world of dreams helps us grasp and tackle issues that pressure us throughout our daily lives. Even when they might seem hard to understand and seem completely abstract and out of context, our dreams might be filled with subtle clues and hints as to what is pressuring us or keeping us occupied on a subconscious level.

A common dream is that of being abducted or kidnapped. This is a frightening dream, evoking a sense of panic, loss of control, and fear. Often, such dreams are caused by stressors or triggers in our waking life. While frightening, these dreams are your subconscious mind’s way of telling you that you may need to address an issue and make changes in your life.

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Dreaming of being kidnapped meaning

Why Are You Dreaming About Being Kidnapped?

To be kidnapped is to be abducted and held captive, typically for a ransom. This is a situation where you may have no control and are forced to surrender to the will and manipulation of others. It’s a nightmarish situation where someone else has total control over you.

Dreaming about being kidnapped or held hostage is no different. It often indicates feeling trapped and having a lack of control. You are no longer in charge of your actions or life, and you feel a sense of helplessness and anxiety.

Such dreams may arise because of frustrations and stressors you have in your daily life. These can cause you to feel:

  • Restless and alone
  • As though you’ve lost control over your life
  • Like someone is controlling and manipulating your life
  • Trapped and overwhelmed
  • Blocked mentally and spiritually
  • That you’re in a situation you can’t seem to change or get out of

What Does This Dream Mean?

Dreaming about being kidnapped is not always negative. It can also have some positive connotations, depending on the type of dream it is.

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In general, it’s a dream about control, and the fear of losing it. It can also be interpreted as a dream about becoming a hostage of your own fears, anxieties, and circumstances, caused by difficulties and challenges in your life.

By becoming aware of our patterns of behavior and ways of thinking, these types of dreams can open our eyes to reality. It’s a dream that nudges you to notice what’s happening in your waking life, to reflect on taking control of your destiny, and making your life more positive.

Possible Interpretations

Feeling Trapped

The sense of feeling trapped is commonly associated with dreaming of being kidnapped, so it is not unusual for you to feel restricted and afraid while experiencing this dream in your deep sleep. This is also accompanied with the feeling of uncertainty of not knowing what is going to happen next, and what the individuals that are keeping you hostage have in store for you.

To translate this to your everyday life, the experience of fear and dreaming of being kidnapped might be associated with your everyday experience of feeling like you are trapped. You may be feeling as though you are not able to leave a situation that is causing discomfort and stress.

This sense of feeling trapped can be triggered by anything from a minor inconvenience at a workplace, or it might be attributed to relationships with your family, friends, or partner. You might be feeling powerless and as though your destiny is being dictated or determined by others.


Dreaming of being kidnapped may indicate being betrayed by someone you know. Whether family member, friend, spouse, or colleague, you may be feeling manipulated and used by this person in your waking life. You’re feeling trapped by them and having a sense of a one-sided relationship.

A Loss of Freedom and Individualism

Dreaming of being kidnapped meaning

Although many people seek security in things like their culture, language, or tradition, others prefer to put their individualism and self-expression first. Your personal opinions about how your life should be managed might not have found acceptance, understanding, or tolerance by people around you, which could cause the dreams of being kidnapped.  

Don’t be surprised by this as this is a common reason why many people experience these dreams. Having to hide your true self causes stress, anger, and anxiety. If your voice is not properly heard, or you’re being silenced or pushed into adjusting into a societal mold that does not fit your personality, your feelings of being trapped and losing control can intensify.

However, consider how your dream ends. It may have a triumphant ending, where you manage to free yourself or escape your kidnappers, indicating that you are fighting in real life and that you are not ready to give up. If they end pessimistically, your dream might be telling you that you feel lost and helpless in your situation.


Dreaming about being kidnapped or abducted is also connected to possible feelings of being insecure about yourself. This is very closely connected to our previous point of individualism and self-expression, but it can also be connected to other types of emotions like grieving the loss of loved ones, facing a stressful period at work, losing a job, or experiencing bullying.

It is possible to interpret the dream of being kidnapped as your brain trying to tell you that you need to find a way to work on these insecurities and weaknesses and think about how you can turn them into personal victories and positive outcomes.


As much as we may like our expression and individualism, many of us gravitate towards feeling safe and comfortable. This means that we tend to make daily choices that will secure our longing for safety and security. If something in your life causes a lack of safety, this might lead you to dream about being kidnapped.

In the context of safety and security, this dream can be triggered by anything in your life that makes you fear for your safety, be it physical, emotional, or financial. Losing a valuable item, losing a partner or a family member that guaranteed your safety can lead you to dream about being kidnapped.

Being kidnapped can be interpreted as a warning signal to try to overcome the situation of feeling unsafe. You may realize how powerful you are and how capable you may be of overcoming these hurdles.

Types of Kidnapping Dreams

You’re the victim in the dream.

Although quite common, dreams of being kidnapped put different people in different roles. Sometimes they are the victim, while sometimes they might be perpetrators.

If you are experiencing a dream in which you are the victim, your subconsciousness might be telling you that may be feeling a lack of control and that you are not dealing with a specific situation in a healthy way.

If the role of the victim also includes being tortured, this dream indicates that you feel like you have no control over what is happening in your life. This is causing severe pain to you, indicating that you need to confront these issues. If this dream is a recurring one, you might wish to seek help by talking to a therapist, so that you can identify the stressors in your life and work to address them.

Someone else is the victim in the dream.

Sometimes, the victim in the dream may be someone else, such as a child, a family member, someone you love, or a friend. This indicates that you are worried about something that is happening to them, and you might feel like you need to act and help them out.

This dream is quite common for parents or people that have lost a child. These might be associated with a feeling of guilt, fear for the future of your loved one, or feeling that it is your sole responsibility to take care of them.

The kidnapper is demanding a ransom.

Dreaming about your kidnapper asking for ransom can indicate that you are struggling with your finances and that you don’t have a secure economic base in your life.

This usually prevents people from feeling like they have financial control over their lives so they may dream about them, or their loved ones being abducted for ransom. This dream is likelier to be experienced by those who are financially responsible for others in their lives.

You are the perpetrator in the dream.

It is also possible that you might be placed in the role of the kidnapper. This dream is completely different from the usual dreams of being kidnapped.

Being the kidnapper might indicate that subconsciously you long for power or control over your partner or other people around you. This feeling of longing for power and control may be associated with your family, workplace, or some other social environment in which you wish to assert dominance.

Being a perpetrator in a dream can also be understood as being caused by your feelings that you are unable to change the minds of people around you. These dreams are not the most positive dreams to experience. They usually call for self-reflection.

Wrapping Up

Dreams are truly some of the most complex things to understand and they can be interpreted in a variety of ways. The above examples are some of the most common explanations of dreams about being kidnapped. While frightening, these dreams are a natural reflection of your everyday experiences. By being aware of these experiences and analyzing why you may be having these dreams, you can turn these dreams into positive outcomes in your life.

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