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Symbol Sage was established in 2019 to provide objective and well-researched information on symbology, mythology, history, and the metaphysical. Since then, it has grown to become one of the leading online platforms in this field, and has been cited in numerous publications, including BBC, Bustle, the List, Huffington Post, and Wikipedia among others. 

Our Editorial Process

At Symbol Sage, we’re dedicated to providing insightful and accurate content that dives deep into the world of symbols, their meanings, and their place in history and culture. To ensure we maintain our reputation for excellence and integrity, we have instituted a rigorous editorial process that every piece of content must undergo:

  • Research & Drafting: Our writers embark on comprehensive research, in topics that they have experience or strong interest in, drawing from credible sources, historical texts, and expert interviews. This thorough approach ensures the initial draft is insightful and factually sound.
  • Editorial Review: Our dedicated editorial team then reviews the draft for clarity, coherence, and style. They ensure the content aligns with Symbol Sage’s voice and standards.
  • Fact-Checking: Post-review, the content is cross-checked against primary sources to validate its accuracy. This is crucial, given the historical and cultural nuances of our topics.
  • Final Review: Our editors do a final sweep to ensure the piece is polished, engaging, and ready for our audience. They look at the overall flow, the integration of multimedia elements (if any), and the consistency of the content.
  • Publication & Feedback: Once approved, the article goes live on our platform. We actively encourage feedback from our community, which helps us refine our content further and stay connected with our readers’ needs.
  • Regular Updates: We regularly revisit our articles to update them with new findings, ensuring our readers always have access to the most current information.

Meet The Team

Dani Rhys

Dani Rhys has worked as a writer and editor for over 15 years. She holds a Masters degree in Linguistics and Education, and has also studied Political Science, Ancient History and Literature. She has a wide range of interests ranging from ancient cultures and mythology to Harry Potter and gardening. She works as the chief editor of Symbol Sage but also takes the time to write on topics that interest her.


Yordan Zhelyazkov 

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Yordan Zhelyazkov is a published fantasy author and an experienced copywriter. While he has degrees in both Creative Writing and Marketing, much of his research and work are focused on history and mythology. He’s been working in the field for years and has amassed a great deal of knowledge on Norse, Greek, Egyptian, Mesoamerican, Japanese mythology, and others. His input on a lot of historic periods and events has been invaluable for the Symbol Sage team. 



Tommy Jones

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After twenty years in ministry, Tommy is sharing his insights on the intersection of religion, history and culture with a wider audience. Tommy has a Bachelor of Arts in History, and a Master of Divinity in Christian Ministry. He blogs irregularly about mid-life, marriage and parenting on his website. Tommy lives along Colorado’s Front Range with his wife, four kids, dog, guinea pig and houseplants.

Rose Mulu

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With a keen interest in understanding why life was and is as it is, Rose has been studying spirituality, culture, and history for over fifteen years. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication and uses this, together with her knack for literature, to share her knowledge and insight with the world.


Sebastián Maydana

sebastian maydana

Sebastián F. Maydana holds a PhD in History from the University of Buenos Aires, and is an assistant teacher at the Institute of Ancient Near Eastern History (UBA). His main interests are early Egyptian mythology and visual culture, especially petroglyphs and other forms of art. He has participated in fieldwork done at Wadi Abu Subeira (Aswan, Eastern Desert of Egypt) by the Wadi Abu Subeira Rock Art Project. Sebastián is also interested in the different forms in which myths and symbols from the past are received and repurposed by our modern-age societies, for instance in film and science fiction.

Researchgate Profile


Nemanja Đukić

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Nemanja Đukić is a teacher of rhetoric and international humanitarian law and a writer specializing in History and Politics. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in International Relations at the University of Montenegro and completed his master’s studies at the Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary where he studied diplomacy. He specializes in politics and diplomacy but enjoys researching history and how it reflects on political changes and outcomes, especially when it comes to indigenous cultures and the phenomenon of colonialism. 


Jhonfrank Sánchez

Jhonfrank Sánchez is a Venezuelan writer and Literature major interested in studying ancient civilizations, history, symbolism, and how they have shaped modern thought. As a researcher, he has specialized in Greek mythology, a field of investigation that he confesses has always stimulated his passion for learning. In his free time, Jhonfrank enjoys coming back to the classics, as well as reading mystery short stories and poetry.


Apsara Palit

apsara palit

After completing her post-grad in Values, Ethics and Indian Culture, Apsara is sharing her knowledge of symbolism, mythology, history and culture through her blogs. By passion, she is an Indologist with in-depth knowledge of Indian Culture. Apsara lives in India and believes in getting a first-hand understanding of culture through travelling.


Olive Soria

As she grew up reading books on mystery, mythology, fantasy, and adventure, Olive developed an urge to explore the world as an adult. After completing a degree in Mass Communications, she built a career in marketing for the past two decades but has spent most of her vacations backpacking through different countries. During her trips, Olive likes to immerse herself in the local culture to further expand her understanding of other people and their lifestyles, which she now uses to aid her writing.


Megan Moore

megan moore

Megan has a Bachelor’s in Education with a focus on social studies, and has forever loved studying all things history. She particularly enjoys mythology and ancient folklore; as illustrated by her book collection and podcast favorites, most of which concern Greek mythology. When not researching symbols and myths she enjoys writing true crime novels, running, and gardening

Abigail Cambal


A history enthusiast based in Philippines, Abigail loves learning about the heritage of ancient cultures. She’s particularly interested in the rise and fall of empires, accounts of war and conquest, and events that shaped the world. Her interests also include medieval and early modern history, symbolism, and world mythology. Apart from being an editor of a local magazine, she also dabbles in fashion modelling and acting.

Jennifer Catlin


Jennifer has a degree in Magazine Editing & Publishing from Columbia College, Chicago, with over 30 years writing experience. The whole of her education focused around spirituality and religion via the study of myths and legends through building a mini library. This contains history, essays, plays and scholarly articles, among others. She has an intimate knowledge of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Celtic, Nordic, Native American, African, Near Eastern and Polynesian cultures, histories, and myths.

Juan Salazar Sanchez

Juan Sanchez has been a freelance writer for years, with a particular focus on Mythology and History. He has been a part of the Symbol Sage team for several years, and has contributed immensely to the team. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and reading.

Athira S

Athira is a lawyer by day and a content writer by night. With her background in law, she has a keen interest in researching and writing about everything under the sun. The topics that interest her the most include mythology from around the world and conspiracy theories. When not lawyering or writing, you can find her learning a new language or trying out an anime theme song on her violin.

Our team of writers and editors are experts and enthusiasts in the topics they cover, and are committed to providing high quality articles that have been thoroughly researched, fact-checked, and written in an engaging and accessible manner. 

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SymbolSage receives numerous emails from research students, writers, and avid readers. By having your article published on SymbolSage, you’ll be able to reach a wide audience interested in your area of research/study. The following are just some examples of how our articles have been of assistance:

“I’m writing a dissertation on the symbolism of lions and am drawing on your article on the Chnoubis Symbol. If possible, I would like to reference the author, please. It’s for an MA in Mythology, Cosmology and the Sacred”.

“If you are happy for me to quote your link, I would be both extremely grateful and overjoyed. The whole article is just the best resource I have so far found in respect of this much overlooked Irish Deity.”

“I’m putting together a research paper/book and was wondering if you could let me know the name of the author who wrote the blog post on Arawn… Would I be able to use you as a reference within this paper/book?”

We’d love to hear from you if you:

  • Hold or are pursuing a Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral degree in the field you wish to write about, or
  • Are an enthusiast with demonstrable experience in the field, a student, expert, writer, researcher, or academic at a university or research institution

Please note that we do not accept guest posts or articles on unrelated topics. If you are interested, get in touch with us to discuss this further.

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