Lucky Symbols

Every culture has its own good luck symbols, emblems believed to bring in good fortune and luck, ward off evil, usher in prosperity and remove negative energy and sickness. And behind every good luck symbol is a superstition, born of cultural perspectives and rooted in history. Whether you believe in them or not, they permeate our culture and can be found everywhere – in jewelry and fashion, architecture, literature, arts and religion.


Good luck charms range from acorns, to horseshoes, dreamcatchers to four leaf clovers, depending on the context it’s viewed within. They vary from culture to culture. Sometimes, what’s considered good luck in one culture, can have a different meaning in another. So, as with every symbol, context is everything.


In our articles on good luck symbols, we’ve explored popular lucky charms from around the world, outlining their significance, relevance and symbolism.

The True Meaning of the Hamsa Hand

Symbolism of the hamsa hand

If you take a trip to the Middle East or North Africa, chances are you'll spot a lot of people wearing the Hand of Fatima, also known as Hamsa. You may even hear people mutter "Hamsa, Hamsa, ...

Kokopelli – What Does This Symbol Mean?

Kokopelli symbolism

Kokopelli is an interesting symbol, featuring a hunchbacked flute player. The first images of Kokopelli appeared on Hohokam pottery over 1000 years ago. Sometimes he is illustrated with a sack ...

What Is the Symbolism of Mistletoe?

Mistletoe symbolism and meaning

Kissing under the mistletoe is a well-known holiday tradition, that’s given rise to countless romantic storylines. But how did this herb really become associated with a Christmastime kiss? Since ...

Two Golden Fish: A Buddhist Good Luck Symbol

two golden fish symbol

A pair of golden fish (carp, usually) forms part of the Ashtamangala, an eight-piece suite of auspicious signs associated with Buddhism and other related beliefs like Jainism and Hinduism. In this ...

Wishbone Symbolism – Why is it Lucky?

Wishbone symbol

The wishbone is a popular good luck symbol in the Western world and is a favorite custom at Thanksgiving dinner tables. Today, it’s a popular design for jewelry and tattoos, and features in ...

What Is Cimaruta Charm – History and Meaning

What is the cimaruta charm

One of the very oldest existing amulets, the cimaruta is a Roman protective charm, featuring a sprig of rue with several apotropaic symbols to ward off evil. Like many of the lasting ancient ...

What Does the Anchor Symbol Mean?

Anchor symbolism

Anchors are practical objects, used to keep vessels in place. But they’re also a beautiful symbol, often used on jewelry, clothing and for decorative objects. The reason for using the anchor ...

Lucky Bamboo – Why Is It a Lucky Symbol?

lucky bamboo symbol

The lucky bamboo has invaded thousands of homes as a popular house plant, but do you know what exactly makes this plant special? In this article, we’ll trace the roots of how the lucky bamboo ...

Why Are Goldfish Considered Lucky?

Lucky goldfish symbolism

Have you ever wondered why goldfish are among the most popular pets in the world? One reason is because they are believed to bring good fortune and prosperity to the homes that take care of them. ...

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