Ancient Symbols

Symbols have been used since ancient times to communicate various meanings, abstract ideas and concepts. They can be found in every corner of the globe.


Every culture and religion have relied on symbols to express various ideas, and oftentimes, the same symbol can have different meanings depending on the context and era it’s viewed within. For example, a cross can be a mathematical symbol, but it can also represent medicine or Christianity, which is why context is paramount when decoding symbols.


What’s most interesting about symbols is that a symbol’s meaning isn’t inherent but is learned culturally. Take the Swastika – an ancient Eastern religious symbol tainted by Nazi Germans. Today, it’s viewed as both a symbol of hate and a symbol of protection, proof that symbols are dynamic, changing with time and context. 


Symbols continue to be everywhere in modern society, some of them ancient and others repurposed. They can be found in architecture, jewelry, fashion, literature, politics and businesses. Understanding the meanings of symbols is like learning a new language. They convey whole ideas, conversations, values and philosophies.  Our series of articles on ancient symbols explore the origins and importance of popular symbols, while highlighting their symbolism and modern relevance.

Symbols of Prosperity – The A-List

Symbols of Prosperity – The A-List

Throughout history, people have used lucky charms in the hope of attracting abundance and prosperity into their lives. Some of these symbols come from mythologies and folklore, while others have ...

Symbols of Kindness List

kindness symbols list

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Symbols of the Sea – A List

symbols of the sea

The sea has always enthralled and awed humans as a mysterious world that remains largely unexplored. From the seashells to shipwrecks, there are many symbols that represent the sea, demonstrating ...

What Do Gnomes Symbolize?

Gnomes meaning symbolism

Gnome statues must be history’s most bizarre garden accessories. These little statues have been around for centuries in one form or another and have a rich heritage in European gardens. Let’s look ...

Symbols of Brotherhood – A List

List of brotherhood symbols

Brotherhood is defined as an association or community of people linked by a common interest. It’s also the relationship between brothers – strong, familial, and lifelong.Throughout history, ...

Symbols of Democracy – A List

List of democracy symbols

One of the most common types of government in the modern world, democracy is reflective of people’s will.The word democracy is derived from two Greek words demos and kratos, meaning people and ...

Symbols of Balance – A List

Symbols of balance list

Throughout history, the concept of balance appears in different philosophies and religious beliefs. Aristotle introduced the Golden Mean philosophy, where he described moderation as virtue and ...

Symbols of Adventure – A List

Symbols of adventure

Many of us travel the world in search of adventure and new experiences. Originally a Middle English word, the term adventure was derived from the Old French aventure that translates as fate, ...

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