Roman Mythology

Much of Roman mythology was imported from other sources, most notably from Greek mythology. But, although people tend to think that the Romans simply stole their myths from the Greeks, this isn’t true. Although the Romans weren’t myth makers, they were able to transform the borrowed myths to take on a truly Roman character, giving the gods and heroes a Roman identity.


Roman mythology is rich and detailed, with gods and goddesses that served the Roman people, giving them a sense of national pride and offering insight into who they were. From the legendary Romulus and Remus, who founded the city of Rome, to the deities Jupiter, Juno and Minerva, and to heroes like Hercules, Roman mythology teems with intriguing stories and myths that contributed to Rome becoming a cradle of culture.


Our comprehensive articles on Roman mythology explore the stories, significance, symbolism and modern relevance of this rich ancient religion.

Evander – Roman Mythology

Evander Rome Greek hero

In Roman mythology, Evander was a wise hero and mythical king who was known for bringing the Greek gods, alphabet and laws to Italy, which changed the region. He founded a Pallantium, a city in ...

Minerva – Roman Goddess of Wisdom

Minerva Roman goddess of wisdom

In Roman mythology, Minerva was the virgin goddess of wisdom as well as several other domains including medicine, strategic warfare and strategy. Minerva’s name stems from the Proto-Italic and ...

Flora – Roman Goddess of Flowers

Roman goddess of flowers spring

In the Roman Empire, several deities had associations with nature, animals, and plants. Flora was the Roman goddess of flowers and the season of Spring and was especially venerated during ...

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