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African Mythology
Oshun: The Yoruba Goddess of Love, Fertility and Water

Oshun, also known as Oxum and Ochún, is a supreme being or Orisha of the Yoruba people - the largest ethnic group of southwestern Nigeria. In the Yoruba ...

Elegua – The Orisha of Crossroads

Known under various names throughout West Africa, the Caribbean, and South America, Elegua is the Orisha, or deity, of crossroads, paths, chance, and ...

Shango: Yoruba’s Mighty Thunder and Justice God

Shango is the ax-wielding Orisha of thunder and lightning worshipped by the Yoruba people of West Africa and their descendants scattered among the Americas. ...

Oya – The African Goddess of Weather

In Yoruba religion, Oya was the goddess of weather, known to be one of the most powerful deities in Africa. She was also a strong and brave warrior who was ...

Ochosi – Yoruban Divine Warrior

Ochosi, also known as Oshosi, Ochossi or Oxosi, is a divine warrior and hunter as well as the embodiment of justice in Yoruban religion. He was a highly ...

Yemaya (Yemoja) – Yoruba Queen of the Sea

Yemaya, also known as Yemoja, Yemanja, Yemalla and others, was the river or sea orisha of the Yoruba people, one of the largest ethnic groups of southwestern ...