African Mythology
Oshun: The Yoruba Goddess of Love, Fertility and Water

Oshun, also known as Oxum and Ochún, is a supreme being or Orisha of the Yoruba people - the largest ethnic group of southwestern Nigeria. In the Yoruba ...

Elegua – The Orisha of Crossroads

Known under various names throughout West Africa, the Caribbean, and South America, Elegua is the Orisha, or deity, of crossroads, paths, chance, and ...

Shango: Yoruba’s Mighty Thunder and Justice God

Shango is the ax-wielding Orisha of thunder and lightning worshipped by the Yoruba people of West Africa and their descendants scattered among the Americas. ...

Oya – The African Goddess of Weather

In Yoruba religion, Oya was the goddess of weather, known to be one of the most powerful deities in Africa. She was also a strong and brave warrior who was ...

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