Religious Symbols

Almost every religion has its own symbols that express fundamental concepts of the religion. Religious symbols represent what is holy and abstract in a tangible and real way. They are a quick way to express complex and complicated ideas.


From the Christian cross to the Zoroastrian farvahar, religious symbols bring members of a common faith together, allowing them to easily identify each other. They also give believers the ability to express their religious values and ideals without words.  


Our comprehensive guides cover popular religious symbols from a variety of faiths, including Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism and more.

Lilith – Demonic Figure in Jewish Folklore

Lilith Jewish demon figure

In Jewish folklore and Mesopotamian mythology, Lilith was a female demon associated with storms, death, illness, sexual temptation and disease. According to ancient Jewish writings, Lilith was ...

What Is the Coptic Cross? – History and Meaning

Coptic cross symbolism meaning

The cross is the most common and ubiquitous symbol of Christianity, with many variations over time. One of these is the Coptic cross. Let’s know more on how an ancient Egyptian symbol influenced ...

What Is Chai Symbol – History and Meaning

Jewish chai symbol meaning

One of the most prominent emblems in the Jewish culture, the Chai symbol is composed of written Hebrew letters forming the word chai. Let’s take a look at how this name became associated with ...

St. Benedict Medal – What Is This Symbol?

Saint benedict medal meaning symbolism

The Saint Benedict Medal is an important, sacramental medal which holds deep meaning for Christians and Catholics throughout the world. The symbol has been traditionally used to call down the ...

Rub El Hizb – Ancient Islamic Symbol

Rub el hizb symbol meaning

The Rub El Hizb is an Islamic symbol made up of two overlapping squares, to resemble an octagram. In Arabic, the term Rub El Hizb means something that is divided into quarters, which can be seen ...

Seal of Solomon – Symbolism and Importance

Seal of Solomon symbol

The Seal of Solomon, also known as the Ring of Solomon, is believed to have been a magical seal owned by King Solomon of Israel. The symbol has its roots in Jewish beliefs but later gained ...

Popular Celtic Symbols – A List (with Images)

Celtic symbols list

The Celts trace their heritage back to the ancient Roman city of Gaul, from where they eventually spread to the mainland of Europe, specifically Ireland, Scotland, Britain and other locations in ...

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