Chinese Mythology
Chinese Dragons – Why Are They So Important?

Dragons are among the most popular symbols in China and are widely regarded as the most recognizable Chinese symbol outside of the country as well. The ...

Who are the Eight Immortals of Chinese Mythology?

In Chinese and Taoist folklore, the Eight Immortals, or Bā Xiān, have an important role to play as the legendary immortal heroes of justice, who are always ...

Lingzhi – Mushroom of Immortality (Chinese Mythology)

A common idea among several cultures from East Asia is that immortality could be obtained by different means. Some of them require meditating on certain ...

What Are Foo Dogs – The Chinese Temple Guardians?

If you’re getting into Feng Shui or you’re reading up on Chinese culture and mythology, you may have seen the famous Chinese Foo dogs. These fascinating ...

Shouxing (Shalou) – Chinese God of Longevity

Shouxing is a mysterious celestial being, known by many names in traditional Chinese mythology – Shalou, Shalu, Shou Lao, Shou Xing, and others. However, he ...

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