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What Does It Mean to Vomit in Dreams?

A dreamer may find themselves throwing up in their dreams, and it may even be enough to wake them up in a cold sweat, thinking it was real. Vomiting in dreams may signify various things, depending on the dreamer’s state or context.

Vomit in dreams can hold various interpretations, which can vary depending on the details of the dream. For example, puking out specific objects may refer to a particular interpretation. It is also not necessary that the dreamer is the one vomiting, as other people vomiting in the dream can represent something different.

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In this article, the different symbolism of vomit dreams and specific types of vomit will be detailed. Interestingly, many interpretations about dreaming of vomit are positive rather than negative.  

dream of vomiting meaning

Symbolism of Dreaming About Vomit

Vomit as a Sign of Money

If you’re having financial difficulties and you’re dreaming about vomiting, this may be a sign of good fortune and profit that is about to come. If you have a business or investment, a vomit dream can be seen as good news. It may also symbolize financial savings the dreamer may have or is about to have.  

Vomit as a Sign of Good News About Children

Dreaming of vomiting may also be an indication of upcoming good news. For example, it could signify the return of children who have flown the nest. It may also be the arrival of a new child for those who are yet to have children.

Vomit as a Sign of Good Luck

If the dreamer sees themselves vomiting worms in their dreams, this may indicate that something bad is about to happen. Some interpret this as an impending robbery or loss of personal belongings and fortune.

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Vomit as a Sign of Illness

To throw up in one’s dreams may be a manifestation of an illness or disease the dreamer has or even may have in the future. If it is an ongoing illness, they may or may not be aware of it yet. This disease is often severe and worthy of concern, and it may even be connected to illnesses or problems with the dreamer’s brain.

For women, this may be an indication of a gynecological concern.

Vomit as a Sign of Pain

When a dreamer throws up in their dream, this may signify that they are about to feel pain or be hurt. They may take this as a sign to be careful of themselves and their health. This is often associated with well-to-do dreamers.

Vomit as a Sign of Rejection

The dreamer may be currently struggling with a situation wherein there is a need to reject or go against certain beliefs or people in their lives. It is a challenging position for them as relationships could be impacted. However, their subconscious may be telling them it is time to burn bridges, especially when it is getting toxic and unhealthy.

Vomiting as a Sign of Being Burnt Out

There will be situations, like jobs or relationships, that will leave people burnt out and tired. Dreamers who have multiple dreams about vomiting may see this as a manifestation of their tiredness, and it may be a time for them to do something about it before it ultimately leaves them empty.

Vomiting as a Symbol of Self-Disgust

In real life, vomit is often a response to disgust, and thus it may be expected that it in dreams, it will also serve as a symbolism for disgust, often disgust of the self. The dreamer may have certain habits or addictions that they may not like but commit such acts.

This leaves them bothered, and eventually, this unsettling feeling manifests in their dreams. If indeed the dreamer has an addiction or needs help with their self-improvement, it is always best to approach professionals.

Vomit Dreams Wherein the Dreamer Is Not the One Vomiting

Vomit dreams

Dreamer Sees Another Person Vomiting

In cases when the dreamer sees another person vomiting. If this someone you know, it may be a sign that such a person has a flaw the dreamer is not aware of or is making a particular mistake. The dreamer often sees the person vomiting as flawless and even perfect. However, it is only a facade, and they might eventually know about this person’s downside.

Dreamer Sees More Than One Person Vomiting

When the dreamer sees many people vomiting in their dreams, this may be a sign that they are surrounded by people who present themselves as friends but will later betray them or take advantage of them.

It may also be seen as the dreamer bringing negative ‘vibes’ or energy into their own circle. It may be a good idea for the dreamer to communicate with their friends and family to know how they stand in the relationship.

Dreamer Is Vomiting Specific Objects

Vomiting Blood

This may indicate that the dreamer has an illness or disease, and it may be in their best interest to get a medical check-up to make sure.

It may also be a manifestation of fading energy or passion that may lead to unproductivity. The dreamer may want to get back on track on their passion and goals, but inspiration is needed.

It may also signify discord or negative energy among family or household members.

Vomiting Food

Throwing up food the dreamer ate before they slept may signify a current or future financial loss that will affect the dreamer significantly. They may have difficulty dealing with this loss.

Vomiting Slime

Vomiting slime in a dream may signify purging out bad moments or negative energy in one’s life. The dreamer is ready to get over these moments and may take on a good path or future ahead of them.

Vomiting Jewels

Dreaming about puking jewels may mean good news! Jewels symbolize the good fortune that the dreamer may receive.

Vomiting Silver

While constant nausea and puking in real-life indicate pregnancy, throwing up silver in one’s dreams may also be a sign of pregnancy.


While in real life we generally associate vomiting with negative experiences, this isn’t always the case in dreams.  Dreams about vomiting can hold either positive or negative connotations. However, note that these are all interpretations, and the fulfillment of them may depend on the dreamer. You can take it as a sign of caution, a motivation, or disregard it – it is ultimately up to you.

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