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Dreaming About Apricots – What Does It Really Mean?

Apricots may seem like an extremely strange thing to dream about, but it’s not unheard of. In fact, dreams about apricots are more common than you may think. Most dreams related to apricots have positive meanings since the fruit has a lot of positive symbolism. However, some may also have negative interpretations or serve as warning signs, preparing you for bad news.

Apricot meaning in dreams

Why Am I Dreaming About Apricots?

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While there are various positive and negative interpretations of dreams related to apricots, not all dreams have a deeper meaning. In fact, most dreams are triggered by images and events you’ve experienced over the course of the day, stored in your subconscious mind. For example, if you ate apricots during the day, there’s a possibility that you would dream of the fruit while you sleep.

As Robert Stickgold, sleep researcher and associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, says to NPR “When we sleep, the brain does a lot of work, taking what we’ve learned, what we’ve encoded as new memories in the last day, and trying to figure out what they mean”. This means that dreams often reflect our daily experiences.

However, sometimes, there’s more to a dream, especially if you can’t find a direct connection to your waking life.

General Interpretations of Dreams Related to Apricots

Apricots in dreams can represent any of the following concepts:

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Due to its bright, orange color, the apricot represents optimism and hope for the future. It’s also a symbol of confidence, joyfulness, courage, and abundance.

Femininity and Fertility

The color and taste of apricots are believed to represent femininity and fertility. In some Eastern traditions, this fruit is linked to the feminine aspect. For example, it’s said that the kernels of apricot fruits signify a woman’s eyes. Seeing an apricot in your dream could be an indication of problems with fertility.

Health, Wisdom, and Education

Apricots were a highly respected fruit in ancient China, used to treat various health problems. The fruit was also associated with education and wisdom. In dreams, apricots can represent good health and long life.

Dreams about Apricots – Common Scenarios

  • Dreaming of Eating Apricots

Eating an apricot in your dream can have a positive interpretation. It could be a sign that happiness will soon be coming your way.  It may also indicate receiving wisdom from others as well as learning valuable lessons through experience.

Since apricots are associated with good health, this dream could also symbolize the need or desire to improve your health and live a better lifestyle. It does not necessarily mean your physical health, but could also be your spiritual, emotional, or social health as well.

If the apricots are dried, it signifies that you’ve come to terms with a difficult situation you’re currently in and are ready to move on. Eating a pit could mean that there is something new and exciting waiting just around the corner.  

To eat unripe apricots in a dream suggests that you may need to wait for something that you’ve been keeping your eye on for a while. It could be anything including an object, a job opportunity, a large sum of money, or a proposal from your significant other. As difficult and unpleasant as it may seem, the dream could be telling you to be patient and what you’re about to receive will be well worth it.

This dream could also indicate negative thoughts and grudges you may be harboring toward someone who has been there for you in the past, but whose help you no longer require.  You may want to think about your relationship with this person and consider resolving any issues you may have with them.

  • Dreaming of Picking Rotten Apricots

The symbolism behind picking rotting apricots is similar to that of eating it. However, this dream could have a more negative symbolism since you would only choose the edible part of the fruit which would not give you much nutrition.  

The dream may also reflect feelings of anger over being forced into making decisions that you’re not entirely comfortable with your current situation. Your choices may have been limited at best and you may be feeling pressured into making the decision. You may also feel as though you’re losing control over your life.

  • Dreaming of Buying Fresh Apricots

To dream of buying fresh apricots indicates a period of good fortune and success that could be just around the corner. It may also represent your desire to create new relationships with others, which could lead to new and greater opportunities.

This dream could also mean that you have loyal friends who are ready to stand by you through the most difficult times in your waking life. They’re most likely people you can count on and share your success and happiness with. If you have already found friends like these, the dream could be a sign to appreciate and value them since such friends are difficult to come by.

  • Dreaming of Selling Apricots

On the positive side, this dream could represent the idea of taking action and making money. It could be indicative of your desire to move forward, create something new in your life that would help you to benefit financially. If you’ve recently invested in a business and are beginning to see it prosper, your dream is most likely positive.

On the other hand, this dream could also represent a financial crisis. You may be about to get fired from your job or have massive expenses that will plunge you into financial debt. You may notice warning signs in your waking life if you look closely enough, which could help you to interpret this dream clearly. For instance, if your boss is unhappy with your performance at work, your subconscious mind could be preparing you for the worst.

Since apricots are symbols of fertility, dreaming of selling them yourself or seeing someone else sell them may represent your desire to become pregnant. If this isn’t the case, however, it might indicate that things have been going fairly smoothly for you lately, but you may soon experience some minor issues in your waking life.

  • Dreaming about Planting an Apricot Tree

To dream of planting an apricot tree suggests that you will soon experience some positive changes in your personal or professional life. If you see someone else planting the tree in the dream, it may be a sign that you will soon be involved in charity and take up a massive project. However, you may find it difficult to handle the project on your own and would need help from those around you.

Planting the tree yourself could also mean that you have invested your energy and resources into something fruitful but you may not be able to reap the benefits any time soon. If the tree grows from the ground upwards instead of the roots growing into the soil first, it indicates that you have a genuine intention to grow and become self-sufficient in life.

  • Dreaming of Receiving Apricots

To dream of receiving apricots as a gift suggests that you may be feeling satisfied with your life and current state of health.  You may also be feeling more optimistic than usual, even if you’re going through a difficult time.

This dream could also symbolize current or potential problems in your love life. Perhaps you have recently discovered that your significant other isn’t on the same page as you are about your future plans together. If this is the case, your subconscious mind could be telling you to choose one of two options: to accept them as they are and try to work on your future together, or if not, to end the relationship.

  • Dreaming of Giving Apricots to Someone

If you see yourself gifting someone apricots in a dream, it could mean that you have the desire to help someone in order to make up for a mistake you committed.  The person could be a family member, a friend, a work colleague, or your boss.

This dream could also mean that something positive is about to happen for you, but it will only last if the other person involved reciprocates as well.

  • Dreaming of Stealing Apricots

To dream of stealing apricots, could mean that you’re interested in someone who’s unaware of your feelings for them and may also be unavailable. Although you know they’re unavailable, you may be thinking about them constantly and dreaming about a life together. 

If someone else steals the apricots in the dream, it may be an indication that you may soon become involved in someone else’s relationship. The dream could be a warning to you not to meddle in other people’s affairs as this could put you in trouble.

Stealing apricots could also suggest that you’re focusing on something important that you’ve been neglecting for so long.

  • Dreaming of Looking at an Apricot Tree

To dream of yourself looking at an apricot tree symbolizes your appreciation of nature and the good things in life. This dream may also be a sign that it’s time to move on from a broken relationship or to change your career path to something you would prefer over your current job.

In Brief

If you’ve had a dream about apricots and are wondering what it could possibly mean, it’s important to take all the other elements of the dream into consideration as well. The fruit itself will not be enough to interpret the dream correctly.

Try to recall what you were doing with the apricots in the dream, who else you saw, the state of the fruits, and what you felt. While these seem like insignificant details, they can shed some light on the meaning of your dream, so that you’ll be able to understand it more clearly.

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