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Dreaming About Pizza – Interpretations and Symbolism

Having dreams about food is somewhat common, and you may have experienced such dreams at some point in your life. Pizza is one of the most beloved types of fast foods, so dreaming about pizza, while specific, is a dream that sometimes occurs.

Having said that, dreams about pizza aren’t always positive. Pizza or food in dreams are associated with eating disorders. What’s more, from a practical standpoint, eating pizza before sleeping is related to the belief that it can cause disturbing dreams.

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This article will go through the different meanings that pizza may symbolize, explain how it is associated with food disorders, and provide details on the connection between eating pizza and dreams.

Dreams about pizza meaning

What Does Pizza Dreams Mean?

Pizza and other food items may be a symbolism of a dreamer’s wishes or motivations. As Freud stated, dreams often feature the fulfilment of desires. Thus, when hungry or craving pizza, the person will dream about pizza. While this can be the case, dreaming about pizza can have other meanings besides wish fulfilment.


During celebrations or even just hanging out with friends, pizza is one of the go-to foods. As such, a dreamer may regard the pizza they saw as a symbol of success and other positive things in their life.


Choosing a pizza can be a dilemma because of the variety of toppings and types one can select from. When the dreamer finds themselves in this situation, this may be a reflection of a difficulty they currently have – having to choose from too many choices.  

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Shared Responsibility

The shared responsibility symbolism of pizza may be most applicable when the dreamer finds themselves in a goal or project that entails fair division amongst group members. It is a reminder for the dreamer that success in this team endeavor can only be achieved when the responsibility is shared fairly.

Something the Dreamer Lacks

If, in the dream, the individual receives a pizza that lacks a component– may be a topping or two – this may be a symbolism of something they lack in their life right now. They may feel incomplete without this missing component, and this bothers them enough to influence their dreams.

Careful Decisions

When a dreamer sees spoiled pizza or black pizza in their dreams, this may remind them that they should be more careful about their decisions, lest they get spoiled outcomes. Maturity and proper prioritization in making decisions are essential to ensure that goals are met.

Fear and Messages

For dreamers who find themselves delivering a pizza in their dreams, this scenario may be interpreted in two diverse ways. The first is that it is a symbol of fear – the pizza has set out into the world, about to face the world that may be filled with conflict.

Another way to see it is that the pizza is a message you are about to receive or share with another person. Furthermore, if the dreamer is the deliverer, it may also indicate their lack of control over the message they are imparting.

Eating Disorders and Food-Related Dreams

Food dreams are common among people with eating disorders, so those of us who are anorexic or bulimic may find ourselves dreaming about pizza. However, these dreams are often marked by negative and even hostile characteristics, like food rejection and body dysmorphia.

Having these kinds of dreams does not mean that a person automatically has an eating disorder. But if ever they are diagnosed with it, these dreams may be indications of feelings and experience. It may also be a manifestation of low self-esteem or depression. 

For instance, you may dream about seeing pizza and rejecting it, or eating pizza and later regretting it and blaming yourself for submitting to the temptation. Others also dream about giant food, like a huge pizza slice, chasing them incessantly. These dreams can be quite tormenting for the dreamer.

In cases where the dreams feel too real and may even lead to panic attacks or depressive episodes, it may be best for the dreamer to consult a professional.

Eating Pizza Before You Sleep – How Does it Affect Your Dreams?

Pizza slices

There is a prominent belief that food, especially dairy rich foods like pizza, can impact the dreams a person may have after eating them. These assumptions have been investigated to see if such a link between food and dreams exists.

In one of these studies, respondents associated foods with the disturbing dreams they had. The study proposed three hypotheses for why people may come up with these connections.

Specific Food-Dream Relationships

In this category, the dreamer can provide a specific and accurate relationship between the food they had and their dream. According to the study, pizza was in the category most associated with disturbing and bizarre dreams, which was dairy.

Intolerance or Adverse Reactions

A person’s intolerance for a certain food may manifest as a bad or disturbing dream. For instance, pizza may cause people’s an irritated stomach. This feeling of being sick is an adverse reaction that may influence the person’s dream and even disturb their sleep.

Food-Dream Myths

This may be applicable for people who grew up surrounded by stories of how some foods can lead to bad dreams. Because such thinking is in their culture, they have a greater tendency to associate bad dreams with the food they eat, such as pizza.


A specific example the study gives for this is a student who ate pizza while studying and had terrible dreams after such a meal. This student may misattribute their dreams to the pizza, thinking that the food caused the nightmares, when, more likely, it could have been their pre-exam anxieties that led to these dreams.


Dreaming about pizza can have positive or negative associations. Proper context is vital in seeking accurate interpretations of these dreams.

Such a dream may symbolize success and positive experiences but may also represent torment for those dealing with eating disorders. Moreover, having tormenting dreams about pizza or food is not an automatic diagnosis of an eating disorder.

There’s also no established link between eating pizza before sleeping and its effects on dreams, but this belief prevails because of observed relationships, myths, and other misattributions.

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