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What Does a Dream About Big Waves Mean?

Dreaming about large waves can be frightening, and most people report feeling anxious and worried in such dreams. They’re typically categorized as nightmares and cause stress to those who dream of them.

While there’s no need to be afraid of such dreams, it’s generally thought that dreams about huge waves occur when you’re undergoing problems and are facing frustrations and stress in your waking life. You might also be dreaming about large waves if you are in the midst of experiencing many changes in your life, or if you feel that you’re not successfully dealing with the challenges that you’re facing.

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To interpret the dream, it’s crucial to remember the details of the dream. What type of water was the wave made up of? Where were you standing and how did you respond to the wave? Were you feeling anxious, excited, scared? These details can help you understand what your subconscious mind might be trying to tell you through the dream.

Below, we have categorized dreams about big waves based on positive, negative, and neutral meanings according to the details of the dream.

Big waves dream meaning

Positive Meanings of Dreams about Big Waves

Dreaming About Swimming in Big Waves

Dreaming of swimming in big waves could mean that you have finally conquered your fears in life. If you are swimming with ease in the big waves, it may mean that there are many opportunities about to come your way soon, and that you’re ready for them.

Dreaming About Pure and Big Waves

Dreaming about crystal clear large waves may mean that you may be receiving some good news, which will cause happiness.  It may also mean that a loved one will be giving you a gift. Pure waves could also mean that you may be given an opportunity to unleash your creativity in the coming days.

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Dreaming About Big Yet Calm Waves

Dreaming about big yet calm waves could mean that you are an adventurous person who likes to try new things. It may also mean that you are a risk taker and are most likely to go for things outside of your comfort zone because you feel confident.

Dreaming About Standing in Big Waves

Having a dream of standing amidst big waves may indicate a sign of future success. It could be a way of telling you that all your hard work will eventually pay off and you are likely to be content with what you have achieved.

Negative Meanings of Dreams about Big Waves

swimming in big waves

Dreaming About Avoiding a Big Wave

Dreaming of running or avoiding a big wave may represent trying to handle problems and issues that are weighing on your mind in your waking life. You may be feeling inadequate or unable to successfully deal with the issues, which are manifesting as unstoppable waves.

Dreaming About Big Waves that Come to You

It may not be a good sign to see a big wave coming toward you in your dream. It may mean that problems could be coming your way. The dream could be your subconscious mind telling you that the difficult period you may be in right now may not be easy to overcome.

Dreaming About a Big Wave Hitting your Ship

Dreaming about a big wave hitting your ship may be a sign of bad luck. It could be that there could be some misfortunes coming your way in your personal life or career.

Dreaming About Fighting Big Waves

Fighting against big waves in your dream might have a negative connotation. This could mean that you do not have control over your life. It is most likely that you are going through a difficult period and may not know how to handle and get rid of them.

Dreaming About a Big Wave Pulling You to the Sea

If you dreamed that a big wave is pulling you back into the sea further away from the shore, this may imply that you are losing control over yourself and some of your important decisions and actions. This indicates a feeling of being overwhelmed and a loss of control.

Dreaming About Turbulent and Big Waves

Seeing turbulent and big waves in your dreams might be a sign of being insecure. It may mean that you have a lot of fears in your life and yet you do not like to take the risk to conquer these fears.

It may also signify that you are not a risk-taker and an adventurous person. You may tend to be uncomfortable when in new situations outside your comfort zone.

Dreaming about Drowning in Big Waves

Seeing yourself almost drowning in the big waves in your dream may mean you are having difficulties controlling your desires and emotions. It could also sometimes refer to addictions you are currently experiencing – sex, alcohol, or drugs that you cannot resist. While you understand that these need to be controlled, you’re being engulfed in them, much like a tidal wave.

Neutral Meanings of Dreams about Big Waves

Neutral meanings of big waves

Dreaming About Watching Big Waves

If you are seeing yourself watching big waves in your dream, it could mean that you are a witness to someone’s strong emotions. It could be that someone is very angry and upset and you may experience this firsthand.

Dreaming About Dark and Big Waves

Dreaming about dark, big waves may represent what is in your subconscious mind – your desires and thoughts that you are not aware of. It may also symbolize the dark instincts and dark secrets you may have. Persons addicted to drugs and alcohol are most likely to dream about dark, big waves.

Dreaming About Sailing on Big Waves

If you dreamt of seeing yourself sailing on big waves, it could mean that you are about to face new situations or hurdles in the future, and it may not be easy for you to become accustomed to them.

This dream may be telling you to expect big changes in your life soon and you may need to take measures so you may be ready for them.

Dreaming About a Big Wave in the Pool

A big wave suddenly appearing in a pool could mean that there may be an important forthcoming event that may have a major impact on your life. The big wave may represent either a pleasant or unpleasant circumstance depending on your emotions while dreaming.

What to Do About Dreams of Big Waves

While dreaming of huge waves can be intimidating and panic-inducing, there’s no need to be stressed about it. It’s likely your subconscious mind’s way of telling you that something isn’t quite right in your waking life.

Try to remember the details of the dream and how you felt. You might want to create a different ending for the dream. If you have recurring dreams of tidal waves, speaking to a therapist can be a good idea as you can then work together to identify what might be causing these dreams.

Final Thoughts

Big waves in dreams can have either positive or negative connotations, depending on the type of dream you have. In general, such dreams occur in times of crises, or when you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and unprepared. Feeling unable to cope with a situation or expecting an impending change are also reasons for this type of dream. As with any dream, there’s no need to panic or feel afraid about what it might mean.

Try to remember the details, such as your location in relation to the wave, your response to the wave, and the type of wave itself, as these can help you try to identify its meaning.

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