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Dreams About Eyeglasses – A Clearer View

Seeing a pair of eyeglasses in a dream may seem strange since eyeglasses are common objects that many people use on a daily basis.

However, as plain as they may seem, dreams about eyeglasses can have positive or negative interpretations. They could also be giving you an important message, so knowing how to interpret your dream could come in useful.

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Here’s a look at various dreams about eyeglasses and their interpretations.  

Dreams about eyeglasses

Positive Meanings of Dreams with Eyeglasses

In order to interpret your dream correctly, it’s important to consider the context of the dream and any details regardless of whether they may seem insignificant. The state of the glasses, your emotions as you saw them, and what you were doing with them could alter the meaning of the dream, making it more positive or negative.

Let’s take a look at some positive interpretations of dreams about eyeglasses:

Dreaming of Borrowing Eyeglasses from Someone

If you dream of borrowing eyeglasses from someone, it implies that you may need to be more understanding of other people. You may be having a negative first impression of someone or you might be judging someone based on their actions. Perhaps you disagree with this person’s actions, but your subconscious mind could be telling you to see things from that particular person’s point of view.  

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Dreaming of Receiving Eyeglasses

If you received a pair of eyeglasses as a present in your dream, this may mean that someone is trying to help you to realize some problems you may be avoiding. This person could be a family member, partner, or friend and their advice could help you view things from a different perspective.

Dreaming of Lending Eyeglasses to Someone

Dreaming of lending eyeglasses to someone can mean that there’s someone in your life who tends to copy everything you do. It may be done with good intentions. Perhaps that someone admires you and wants to be just like you. While you may find it annoying that they copy you, doing everything the same way you would, you could also take it as a compliment.

Negative Meanings of Dreams with Eyeglasses

Breaking pair of glasses dream

While dreams about various types of eyeglasses have many positive interpretations, they can also be negative, especially if the glasses are broken. Some dreams can be related to bad luck and suffering while others can alert you to something that’s going or about to go wrong in your waking life. Here are some of the most common negative interpretations of dreams about eyeglasses:

Dreaming of Breaking a Pair of Eyeglasses

If you see yourself intentionally breaking a pair of eyeglasses by stepping or smashing it with something, it suggests you may be in denial of something negative in your waking life. You may not like what you see and you may ignore pieces of evidence and realities. 

Breaking a pair of eyeglasses in your dream could be a sign that you’re embarrassed about something.  It may also mean that you may be acting recklessly and endangering someone else or something you’ve been working on for a long time.  

Dreaming of Broken Eyeglasses

Seeing a pair of broken eyeglasses in your dream could mean you’re about to disagree on something with a loved one in your waking life. It may also mean that you’re about to experience an unexpected tragic event, financial loss, or a betrayal that will cause deep emotional changes in your life. The dream could also mean that you may lose a loved one, causing a major change in how you view the world.

Dreaming of Losing your Eyeglasses

If you dream about losing your eyeglasses, this may mean that you’re currently confused about what’s happening around you. When you can’t find your glasses, you may feel exhausted and this could indicate that you’re about to go through a period of worry and stress.

Dreaming of Buying Eyeglasses

Dreaming of buying a pair of eyeglasses could mean say a lot about your personality or your actions. It suggests that you may be thinking recklessly. You may believe that you can achieve success overnight and you work towards it. However, this dream suggests that you could be disappointed.  

This dream could also mean that when you have any doubts about your plans, you tend to back down and divert your attention towards something more appealing to you.

Dreaming of Throwing Eyeglasses at Someone

Dreaming that you threw a pair of eyeglasses at someone implies that you may be trying to force your opinions and points of view on others.

Dreaming of Dirty Eyeglasses

If you see a pair of dirty eyeglasses covered with dust or mud in your dream, it could be a sign that you’re making a bad impression on one or more people around you.  It could also mean that you’re placing biases on people whom you’ve just met, without taking the time to get to know them.

Dreaming of Foggy Eyeglasses

Seeing foggy eyeglasses in your dream may indicate mystery and secrecy. It could mean that someone is hiding something from you in your waking life in an attempt to protect you.

If the fogginess of your eyeglasses is because of drinking something hot, it suggests that you may be blinded by your own needs and don’t feel guilty about having others working to help you get what you want.  

Dreaming of Eyeglasses with No Lens

To see eyeglasses without the lens in your dream may indicate overconfidence. It could be a sign that you believe in what you see and don’t want to accept the fact that you may be judging others.  

Dreaming of Trying on Eyeglasses

Dreaming of trying out eyeglasses could mean that you tend to be indecisive or that you exaggerate far too much. It can also be a sign that you’re not satisfied with your current situation.

Neutral Meanings of Dreams with Eyeglasses

eyeglasses on book

Sometimes, seeing a pair of eyeglasses in your dream can have neither a positive nor negative interpretation. It could be guiding you or showing you something that you need to correct in your life.

Dreaming of Wearing Eyeglasses

Wearing prescription glasses in your dream may suggest that there’s something in your life that may need your attention. It could also mean that you don’t have a full picture of the situation and that you should not make conclusions without a thorough understanding.

This dream could also indicate personal growth because now you have a clearer vision of the world so you can make better decisions.

Dreaming of Getting New Eyeglasses from an Optometrist

If you dreamt that you were at an optometrist’s clinic to get a new pair of eyeglasses, it could mean that you may need to seek advice from a professional to help you solve some problems you’re currently facing.

Dreaming of Many Eyeglasses

Seeing many eyeglasses in your dream could suggest that you’re among people with different perspectives and opinions. You may need to watch out for conflicts and arguments that will likely come your way.

Dreaming of Eyeglasses That Don’t Fit

If you see yourself in a dream wearing eyeglasses that don’t fit, it could be a sign that you’re lacking something in your waking life. It could also suggest you’re looking at a situation from a different point of view from your boss or co-employee.

Dreaming of Cleaning Eyeglasses

Cleaning your eyeglasses with soap and fabric in a dream could be your subconscious mind telling you that you should not let your emotions get in the way of making decisions and judgments. This could be the time to cool down, relax, and clear your mind.  

Wrapping Up

Dreams about eyeglasses are usually associated with being able to see things ‘clearly’, both literally and figuratively.

If you do wear eyeglasses in your waking life, most aspects of your dream may be insignificant, as it could simply be your subconscious mind reflecting your waking reality as it is. However, if you don’t own a pair of eyeglasses, dreaming of wearing it could be a warning or may make certain confusing things clearer.

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