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Dreams About Kissing – What It Really Means

Kissing is one of the most pleasant ways to express love for your better half, close friends, family members, and even pets. The kind of emotions felt while experiencing a dream about kissing are subjective, depending upon the person whom you are kissing.

Sometimes dreams about kissing someone can leave you feeling confused and make you wonder what it was all about.  However, they often tend to be more positive than negative. Here are some common scenarios of dreams about kissing someone, and the meanings behind them.

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Dreams about kissing meaning

General Interpretation of Kissing Dreams

According to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, dreams about kissing may represent the accumulation of secret desires in your mind. Seeing this kind of dream could be a way for your subconscious mind to vent your feelings. It may also indicate your desire to engage in intense physical relations with your partner or someone you’re attracted to in your waking life.

If the person you’re kissing in the dream is someone you know, this dream could symbolize your love and care for that person in your waking life. You may be concerned about that person’s health or are insecure about your relationship with them.

Dreams about kissing someone can have positive implications and may represent your happiness and satisfaction in life. It can also signify that you will establish a strong relationship or communication with the person you kissed in the dream.

If you’re someone who has trouble seeing the bright side of things, seeing this dream could mean that you need to improve your confidence and positivity. Your subconscious mind could be reminding you about the importance of self-love so that you won’t demean yourself.

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The Type of Kiss

The meaning of your dream can vary depending on the type of kiss. For example, passionate kisses such as French kisses can signify a strong bond between you and the person you’re kissing.

A nurturing kiss, on the other hand, such as the type of kiss you would give someone when greeting them or the type you’d give a family member, symbolizes vulnerability.

It can indicate that you’re worried about certain issues in your life such as financial problems or that you’re not getting the love and attention you need from those who are important to you.

Various Interpretations of Dreams about Kissing

  • Dream about a French Kiss

Dreams about French kissing may symbolize the need for more love and passion in your waking life. If you’re currently single, this kind of dream could also indicate that you will soon be in a new relationship.   

To dream of a French is an indication that you should express your feelings more instead of repressing them.

  • Dreaming of Kissing Your Ex

Dreaming about kissing your ex could mean that you still miss them and that you haven’t fully recovered from your breakup. Perhaps you still have the desire to get back together with them and rekindle the relationship. However, it’s likely your ex has moved on and is no longer available which is why you saw this dream.

If you’re currently in a relationship in your waking life and you dreamed of kissing someone other than your partner, it may imply that you’re not happy in your current relationship. You may feel as though something is missing. It’s possible you may miss certain habits or behavioral characteristics about your ex. If you’re single, it signifies that you miss being in a relationship.

  • Dream About Kissing Your Mother

To dream about kissing your mother or your mother-in-law could mean that you need to examine a certain aspect of yourself closely, especially if you’re a woman. This dream has a positive interpretation and represents future success in your personal as well as professional life.

  • Dreaming of Kissing on Earlobes

If you dream of kissing someone on the earlobes, it indicates that someone who’s close to you may be hiding something from you. It could also suggest that you’re experiencing a certain amount of tension and stress in your life.

Since ears are associated with hearing and receiving information, this dream may also symbolize the need for enhanced communication with the person you love.

  • Dream about Being Kissed on Your Legs

Dreaming of being kissed on your legs symbolizes humility, as well as respect for that particular person. However, it could also mean that you’re being suppressed and that your partner isn’t paying attention to your physical satisfaction.

Since legs are important for movement, dreaming about being kissed on the legs can symbolize a strong urge to move forward in life and fulfill goals you’ve set for yourself.

  • Dreaming of a Lip Kiss

If you dream of kissing someone on the lips, it could signify a spiritual connection you have with your partner.  If you’re not already in a relationship, it could mean that you will soon find romance and passion. It’s likely you will find yourself in a sensual relationship with someone, but it may not be long-lasting.

This dream also indicates that you need to take some time off from your busy schedule and take care of yourself. Perhaps you’ve been doing long hours at work and are having trouble balancing your personal and professional life. In this case, the dream could be telling you to take a step back and try to relax every now and then.

  • Dreaming of Kissing Someone You Know

To dream of kissing someone you know in your waking life could indicate that good times are coming your way. If you’re kissing someone you shouldn’t be kissing, the dream suggests that you may be feeling guilty about something.

It’s likely this dream may represent your desire for an opportunity such as a raise or promotion at work, or even a romantic relationship.

In Brief

Dreams about kissing someone can have many interpretations. Such dreams can signify the joy and contentment you feel in your waking life or can point towards the worry or stress you feel.

When it comes to analyzing your dream, it’s important to consider the context and elements that appeared in it. The more details you can recall about the dream, the more accurately you’ll be able to decipher its meaning.

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