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Dreams of Being Captured – What They Really Mean

Being captured and taken away in a dream can leave us feeling sad, anxious, and defeated when we awaken. Oftentimes our tangible conscious perception of it is negative because of the crisis implicated. This can be downright disturbing if the dream seemed real and tactile. 

As freaky as these dreams can be, it’s important to understand this is a frequent theme. Many people experience, witness, or partake in kidnapping and abduction in their dreams. While these dreams don’t symbolize an actual abduction in waking reality, it does denote a danger to your sense of contentment.

General Interpretations of Abduction Dreams

Any dream of being captured or taken away relates to a control issue. If this involves violence or imprisonment, you also have feelings of abandonment. But dreams about abduction are giving you an opportunity to see what’s wrong in your life, why you pull it into dreamtime, and how to change it. 

The nuances and details will provide a deeper understanding and instructions for handling the situation. There are several things that could be bubbling forth from your psyche:

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  • Frustration consumes your waking reality.
  • You lack focus and discipline.
  • You are mind-numbingly bored with daily life.
  • Someone is manipulating you.
  • You have hidden enemies pretending to be friends.
  • You’re allowing others to dominate important aspects of your life.
  • You feel overwhelmed with problems and responsibilities.
  • You feel something denied to you is rightfully yours and you’re having a difficult time accepting the loss. 
  • You got involved in something you thought was important, but you ended up discovering how insignificant it actually was. The letdown is profound.

Whatever your psychological state is reflecting in dreamtime, it impacts your psyche in subtle yet cryptic ways. This is because you know that, deep down, it’s becoming dangerous. The level of that danger will come from the anxiety, desperation, and level of trauma you experience in the dream. 

abducted in dreams

You Are the Abductee

It’s most often the case that the dreamer is the one abducted. It indicates you’re in control of your life but finances are difficult. If it was terrifying or uncomfortable, your waking-life relationships may compound these troubles. 

If you knew the person who captured you or if you could make out a face, it represents a person close to you who has or is, going to embarrass you in the worst way. In the event your kidnapper was someone close, such as a family member, you may have to take desperate measures to solve your financial woes.

Did your dream of abduction involve a robbery? Then you have problems obeying authority. When abducted by burglars, you have dangerous enemies who seek to destroy a significant part of your life.

Dream of Witnessing an Abduction

Another common type of abduction dream is seeing or witnessing the abduction of others. This generally means you’re overworked, and any trauma mirrors your stress in reality. 

Dreams of Seeing Children Abducted

The abducting of children can be devastating for parents, but these dreams don’t literally equate to such an event. These kinds of dreams demonstrate how you see the world and suggest that a situation is about to take you out of your comfort zone. If you don’t have children and see them abducted, it points to the emotional pain you feel in waking life.

The kidnapping of a son or daughter denotes your refusal to accept assistance from people who care about you. You are causing harm to yourself by NOT leaning on them, especially when they see your struggles and offer to help. It can also indicate difficulties within a current relationship. These come either from your feelings of insecurity and distrust or a grave mistake you made. 

When a man abducts your child, it can reflect empty nest syndrome; especially if they experience pain or violence in the dream. If a woman abducted your children, you have an inability to handle certain issues in life and feel overwhelmed by challenges. In the case this woman attempts to mother your children, it’s a warning that your disappointments are so overwhelming that you’re neglecting your own needs.

Who Is the Abductor?

dream of alien abduction

Of course, the kidnapper’s identity, if you know it, will also play heavily into the dream’s interpretation. Mysterious abductors signal your recent efforts of self-discovery that is challenging and confusing to wade through. 

The number of abductors will also be significant. One person suggests a single issue while two or more may indicate the number of problems you have to face. 

In the instance of alien abduction, an event or situation may have triggered your feelings and emotions. You feel forced to do things against your will or consent. If this was nightmarish, it is your own internal conflicts in waking life.

You Are the Kidnapper or an Accomplice

In dreams where you are the kidnapper, you likely feel oppressed and overpowered by someone. If you are an accomplice to a kidnapping, others harass you. Any participation in a kidnapping can indicate an experience of theft.

The Dream Features Violence and Victimization

Spiritual turmoil may be at the fore in the case of violence being present in the dream. To see or encounter victimization generally means that you’ll find a project at work complex and difficult to comprehend. 

Experiencing injury or torture reflects an inability to face difficult consequences. Beating is a sign of detrimental compliance. This is your subconscious yearning for freedom and the dominant figure represents someone or a group of people forcing you to submit to their authority that you know is wrong. 

When guns or weapons are a definite element, someone you trust is luring you into a trap with sweet words and false promises, using your gullibility against you. Kidnapping at gunpoint symbolizes conflict with others. If you’re abducted and then executed, you suffer misfortune due to the carelessness of others. 

Abduction Dream that Includes Entrapment

If you are trapped as well as kidnapped, this may mean you are a prisoner to your feelings and emotions. If, in the dream, you are taken to a prison after an abduction, you should reconsider how you approach others at work or in team situations. For the dreams where you find yourself abducted and, in a dungeon, you are likely going to lose face at your job or career. 

Being a hostage after a kidnapping is a manifestation of your inability to take charge of your life; you’ve given your power over to someone else. You could also be engaging in destructive habits or behaviors, indicating you are a hostage to these things.

Dreams of Escaping from Your Captor

If you escape your captor, you feel restricted and limited in waking life by someone who is trying to control your actions or decisions. The unhappiness is so deep it’s playing out as a dream of escaping abduction. Alternatively, this can imply you feel alienated from those you love or your need for spiritual guidance to survive current circumstances. 

If you’re held captive and then you escape, the dream may mirror weakness or boredom with your monotonous daily activities. You are so bored, your mind drummed up an exciting situation and it materialized as a dream of abduction.

dream of kidnapping quote

In Brief

Dreams of abduction basically mean there’s a sense of wanting to break free. But the danger implicated in the dream can serve as a warning. While it’s not going to be as dire as a real kidnapping, it does suggest that the situation you find yourself in carries a certain amount of danger. But this is in regard to your sanity, sense of happiness, and capacity to control your own life.

If you wake up from such a dream, write it down. Take note of all the details you observed and the events that occurred. Then, think about your conscious reality. What’s going on? What kinds of people are surrounding you? How do they make you feel? Are you happy in general? The answers to these questions may help you to arrive at a solution for the problems that your subconscious mind is trying to alert you to.

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