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Mattress Dreams – Scenarios and Possible Interpretations

After a tiring day, getting a hug from your mattress is quite a temptation. The sense of secured comfort is undeniable. Mattresses have been part of our lives for a long time, and it is only natural to have dreams about them.

Dreams about mattresses can entail different things, depending on the type of dream you see. In general, dreaming about a mattress can be related to protection and constancy.

In this article, let’s take a look at different dream interpretations about mattresses and what they mean.

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What Do Mattresses Symbolize?

A mattress is where you go to rest, to seek space and comfort from the world. So naturally, mattresses signify warmth, comfort, relaxation, security, and constancy. When they appear in your dreams, they can signify different aspects of these concepts.

Dreams about a New Mattress

If you saw yourself buying or lying on your brand-new bed, then it’s likely that the meaning behind such a dream might have something to do with materialistic things in general. It can also suggest that you are willing put your comfort and bliss first in the coming future. 

Dreaming of getting yourself a new mattress might indicate some change that will happen in your life. This may have nothing to do with sleeping on better beds, but rather deals with ambitions and financial aspects of life instead.

Dreams about a Dirty Mattress

Dreaming of an old or dirty mattress can foretell unfortunate events such as having accidents at home, getting hurt while doing housework, breaking up with someone special in your life, and so on. The changes that may happen to you might not necessarily be hostile but can be so in context to how you view it.

Dreams about an Old Mattress

Old mattress dreams are not always negative. The meaning of the mattress depends on how you feel about it in your dream and what has led to that scene appearing before you.

Old mattress dreams can foretell positive changes like finding new opportunities for career advancement, getting a better job offer or salary and more.

Sometimes it can also mean that you are missing the old, more secure days or stress-free, relaxed days of your past.

Dreams about a Torn Mattress

Dreaming about seeing or owning a torn mattress may foretell that you are at risk of being betrayed by someone close to you. The negative implication behind this is that there might be people around who are out for their interests and not necessarily yours. This will lead them down the wrong path, too often than not, paving the way for disastrous consequences to you.

Dream about Sleeping on a Mattress Without Sheets

To see yourself sleep on a mattress without any sheets indicates feelings of anxiety and stress. You may be working too hard on a new project at work or are worried about something, which manifests in your dreams.

This dream can also symbolize a false sense of security. Bedsheets are related to a sense of coziness and safety. The lack of a sheet can indicate that you may be feeling uncomfortable in your present state – something isn’t quite right in your waking reality.

Buying a Mattress in a Dream

Dreams of buying a mattress can indicate that you’re about to face some financial difficulties. It may be that you have spent money on luxuries, like expensive items you don’t really need. The dream could be telling you that you will need to prepare for financial issues.

Dream about Carrying a Mattress

In general, carrying things in your dream shows that you are being over-burdened by some worries which can be weighing down on your spirits. This dream is reminding you to put down the mattress – and instead, to relax and rest. There is no need to be burdened with the woes of life. Instead, focus on the present and what matters to you.

Dream about an Inflatable Air Mattress

Dreams that include seeing yourself sleeping on an air mattress without any form of the sheet covering you up signify feelings of concern, unease, and depression within you and mood swings due to these unaddressed emotions. This can also lead to further complications, including problems with sleep patterns, amongst other issues.

Such dreams could affect your life in general by negatively impacting how secure or insecure you feel, which can lead to being overprotective when it comes to relationships.

The negative implication is that there might be people around who are out for their interests and not necessarily yours, which will lead them down the wrong path.

Dream about a Waterbed Mattress

According to dream interpretation experts, water is the symbol of emotions and the natural flow of emotions. A water bed mattress can signify that you are trying your best to go with the flow, but it can also mean that you are feeling insecure and overly protective when it comes to relationships. This could be due to people around who are out for their interests rather than yours. It’s important to identify who these people are and perhaps put in some distance so you have some space to yourself.

Dream about a Flying Mattress 

Though it was a magic carpet that let Aladdin roam around the world, what does dreaming about flying mattresses actually mean?

If your dream involves a flying mattress, it can signify that you’re looking to escape from your current situation, and you may be waiting for a miracle to make that happen. We often fail to take action in order to transform our life and start looking for a higher force. There is nothing wrong with that. But if you are doing that unconsciously and procrastinating, then this dream could be trying to tell you about that.  

Gel or Memory Foam Mattress Dream

If your dream involves a gel or memory foam mattress, it can indicate that you’re looking for comfort. This could mean feeling unsatisfied with the current situation and wanting to get rid of it. Think about your life – is something weighing on your mind? Is something making you uncomfortable?

It could be a co-worker who doesn’t make you feel at ease, or a friend who constantly picks on you. It could also be your home environment that doesn’t meet your standards of comfort. These things can manifest in your dreams, showing you seeking comfort.

Dream of Bed Bug Infested Mattress

Dreams of bed bugs infesting your mattress isn’t all that uncommon. As we’ve established already, your mattress indicates a place of comfort and safety. When bed bugs infest your mattress, it’s almost like an invasion of your space and home. Some call this the ‘trojan horse’ effect, where your enemies are hidden inside your city to attack you.

But don’t worry – this dream doesn’t mean that you’re going to be attacked. Rather, it’s an indication that you may feel attacked or as though you’ve lost a sense of security. This can happen if you’re facing issues such as a colleague taking credit for your work, or a family member belittling you.

Dream about a Wet Mattress

A wet mattress can be a sign of discomfort and distraction from your goals. This could come in the form of an issue or problem within the current situation. It can also mean that there are some issues in your life which are beyond your control, and you do not know how to solve them. 

Dream about Mattress Stained or Filled with Faeces

If your dream features this kind of imagery, it suggests that some issues need to be resolved. If this is quite a recurring theme, then perhaps these problems have been ignored for too long. A change may be necessary.

Dream about Damaged or Uneven Mattress

Dreaming about a faulty or damaged mattress can indicate that you feel something is holding you back. This could be an issue, problem, obstacle, or even a person.

It can also mean that you are ignoring a persisting issue and not doing anything to solve the issues; rather, you are compromising with the situation. For example, you know that you are in a toxic relationship but are not allowing yourself to do anything about it. This dream is conveying a message – it’s telling you that something isn’t right and needs to be addressed.

Dream about a White Mattress

A dream featuring the color white suggests purity and clarity of mind. It can also indicate that whatever events are occurring within your life right now should not be taken seriously as they do not pose any threat to who you are deep down inside.

If considered from another perspective, seeing a white mattress in your dreams may indicate your need for more restful sleep, so don’t underestimate the importance of getting enough good quality shut-eye each night. Your body will thank you for it.

Dream of a King-Sized Mattress

We all like the idea of a nice comfy king-size bed, but in dreams, they can indicate being out of your depth in a situation. This could be an indication that you may be feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities in your life. You are being called to come back down to earth and rediscover what it takes for you to feel centered again.

Seeing an Infant Mattress

If you are awaiting a baby, this dream could indicate that your little one is about to enter the world. If not, it may point out your feelings of vulnerability or needing protection. You can find what you need in life if you listen to yourself and take time for self-care now and again.

Wrapping Up

If there’s one thing we understand about dreams, it’s the details that matter. Consider what’s going on in the dream – all the minute details that you can remember. Mattresses are often just another symbol of deep-rooted emotions that have been locked away from us but now need some attention after being pushed aside for too long.

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