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Dream Of Being Attacked by An Invisible Force

Dreaming of being attacked is a common theme that many people experience. Of these, being attacked by an invisible force is one of the most panic-inducing dreams, as you can’t see who is after you.

However, you feel intense fear and anxiety as you struggle through the dream, trying to protect yourself from the unseen force coming after you.

While this type of dream is frightening, it can have both positive and negative connotations. Here are the most common interpretations for dreams about being attacked by an unseen force or perpetrator.

Attacked by invisible force in dream meaning

Breaking Down the Dream

What’s the Force?

The invisible force in your dream can come in various shapes or forms but can sometimes just be a presence and not a physical manifestation in your dreams. This force often causes a very unpleasant experience in dreams.

The invisible force can be a metaphor for anything negative in your life. It could be a feeling of loneliness or any toxicity or negativity you may be experiencing from people around you.

Why Is the Force Invisible?

There may be a very specific reason why this invisible force that is attacking you in your dreams is invisible. This could signify that you are unsure of what exactly is causing your stress, disappointment, or sadness in your daily life.

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You may not be able to completely grasp the reason behind your troubles and are struggling with understanding what is these feelings in your waking life.

Why Are You Being Attacked?

Being attacked in a dream can often signify being attacked in your real life. It doesn’t necessarily mean physical harm but could also imply emotional aggression or feeling overwhelmed and attacked by life in general.

In your daily life, you may experience many different hurdles, and the invisible force in your dream can indicate that you must look back towards yourself and find the strength to overcome these difficulties.

What Is the Dream Telling You?

The force might be telling you that you need to readjust your position in life, work on improving your state of mind and start a positive change. Its presence usually indicates that you need some sort of emotional, physical, or spiritual cleansing that involves letting go of something negative in your life.

Detailed Meaning of the Dream

Invisible force

Anger and Frustration

Dreaming of being attacked by an invisible force can be connected to feelings of a loss of control. You may have been sabotaged, manipulated, or gaslighted recently in your waking life, evoking strong emotions. The invisible force could be representing these feelings, such as anger, frustration, or anxiety, that you’re experiencing in your waking life. It may be an indication to find healthier ways of dealing with negative emotions.


A dream about being attacked by an invisible force can be related to your longing for success or even peace and security. This can also be connected to your individualism and sense of self-expression, which may be associated to feelings of creativity and wanting to blossom and fulfil your potential.

This could be an indicator that in real life you might feel like your sense of freedom is somehow negatively impacted by people or events, and that you are not able to achieve your full creative or expressive potential.

The threatening force can be a metaphor for the longing of being your true self. Your subconscious mind may be hinting that what you might need is some way to channel these emotions more positively and transform them into positive outcomes.

The Sense of Control

Feeling like you have been attacked by an invisible force might also be connected to a sense of not being in control over your life or some aspects of your life in your waking state.

This may be an indication that you are longing to re-establish a sense of control over your life or events in your everyday life. You may have to face the realisation that this control is beyond your reach.


It is possible to associate the dream of being attacked by an invisible force with spirituality and a spiritual world. The invisible force may be representing an aspect of the spiritual world, connected to the spiritual or religious aspects of your life.

This force implies feeling disconnected from nature, spirituality, or religion and an indicator of internal longing to reconnect to these aspects of your life that goes beyond material things.

If this invisible force is manifested in the form of invisible people, you may feel that you are longing to express yourself, your worries, thoughts, or beliefs in your everyday life to people that matter to you or people that should receive your message.

Wrapping Up

As we have mentioned, this type of dream might relate to your feeling of deeply built-in anger and frustration over negativity in your life or the feeling of not being able to control the things happening in your life or perhaps the feeling that your creativity and self-expression is not surfacing as much as it should or as much as it feels natural to you.

Finally, dreaming about being attacked by an invisible force might also be connected to the fact that you may be longing for a more spiritual connection with yourself and your surroundings.

In general, such dreams can be your subconscious mind telling you that something needs addressing in your waking life. You may want to assess any stressors or triggers in your life, as this may help in overcoming such dreams.

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