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10 Unique Ancient Greek Traditions and What They Mean

The famous Greek historian Herodotus took a lot of trouble to describe the strange customs of the people of the known world in his Histories. He did so in ...

10 Ancient Egyptian Traditions (Only Egyptians Will Understand)

Ancient Egyptians are responsible for several inventions we come across every day. Toothpaste, the calendar, writing, door locks… and the list goes on and ...

10 Jewish Wedding Traditions (A List)

Rituals are a way of actualizing events that happened at a mythical time, an illud tempus, as mythographer Mircea Eliade puts it. This is why every ...

10 Best Books on the Vietnam War

The Second Indochina War, known popularly as the Vietnam War, lasted two decades (1955-1975), and its casualties numbered in the millions. Being a ...

Top 10 Movies About Greek Mythology – 1924 to Present

Some of the best stories ever told have reached us in the form of myth. It is only logical, then, that filmmakers turn to classical mythology to look for ...

Mafdet – An Elusive Protective Goddess

Along with such famous deities as Horus, Ra, Isis, and Osiris, there is a great number of lesser-known gods and goddesses of the ancient ...

Was the Egyptian Solar Disc Aten a God?

The Ancient Egyptian civilization is known for its complicated mythology and an array of odd gods and goddesses with strange ...

Top 20 Inventions and Discoveries of Ancient Egypt Used Today

The ancient Egyptian civilization started its rapid development after the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, around 5,000 years ago. It was ruled by ...

Osiris – Egyptian God of Life, Death and Resurrection

In Egyptian mythology, Osiris was the god of fertility, life, agriculture, death and resurrection. Osiris’ name meant powerful or mighty, and according to ...

Wadjet – Patron Goddess of Egypt

In Egyptian mythology, Wadjet was the patron goddess and guardian of the Nile Delta, and the one who protected and guided the pharaohs and queens of ...

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