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What Does the Santa Muerte Tattoo Mean?

The Santa Muerte tattoo, also known as the "Saint Death" tattoo, is a popular design among those who follow the folk saint known as the "Lady of the Holy ...

What Are the Pillars of Islam? – A Guide

Islam is the second largest book religion in the world, and it is notorious for being the only large religion to not practice any form of iconolatry, that ...

What is the ‘Hungry Ghost’ for Buddhists?

In Western society, Buddhism is commonly associated with non-violence, meditation, and calmness. But human nature is nothing like that, and people of all ...

Sekhmet – Egyptian Lioness Goddess

In Ancient Egypt, Sekhmet was a multifaceted and remarkable deity, depicted mostly as a lioness. She was one of the first deities of Egyptian mythology and ...

What is Jainism? – A Guide

Jain’s practice and doctrine may seem extreme to Western minds, but there’s a reason behind all of their principles. As there are more than five million ...

Who was King Solomon? – Separating the Man from the Myth

When the Israelites arrived in the land of Canaan, they settled in separate communities, based on their tribes of origin. It was only around 1050 BCE that ...

What is an Exorcism, and Does It Really Work?

Exorcisms throughout history have been a fairly obscure, mainly rural, rite of passage. Thanks to a certain film in the seventies called The Exorcism (based ...

8 Truths and Myths About Witchcraft

Over the past centuries, there have been many misconceptions and assumptions about witches and witchcraft. From the beginning of the witch hunts in the ...

10 Chinese Wedding Traditions

Chinese weddings can be described as a mixture between traditional and modern. Granted, they vary according to the wealth of the newlyweds and their families, ...

10 Christmas Traditions with a German Twist

One often forgets that the same holidays can be celebrated quite differently around the world, and Christmas is one such festivity. Each country has its own ...

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