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Chaos Star – What Does It Mean and Where Did It Originate?

The chaos star can be distinguished by its eight points connected at the center and the equidistant arrows that point in every direction. It’s a symbol that’s gained wide popularity in modern culture, especially among gaming aficionados. But just what exactly does the chaos star symbolize and how did this symbol originate? 

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The Meaning of the Chaos Star 

Chaos Star Sign and Meaning

The chaos star has different meanings attached to it. As the word chaos in itself is negative, many tend to associate this symbol with negative scenarios.  

Being the opposite of order, the chaos star in pop culture is usually used to represent destruction, evil, and negativity. 

The chaos symbol also represents many possibilities due to its arrows pointing in various directions. Many interpret these arrows as a symbol that there are more than one or eight paths to take but rather there are endless possibilities in most situations. 

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In modern occult traditions, the chaos star is used to represent chaos magick. It is a new-age religious movement and magical practice that originated in England in the 1970s. It’s a recently established religion that teaches that there is no absolute truth as our beliefs are merely conditioned by our perception. Our perception of the world can easily be changed when we change our beliefs. 

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The Origins of the Chaos Star 

The Eternal Champion
The Eternal Champion by Michael Moorcock. See it here.

The origins of the chaos symbol can be traced to Michael Moorcock’s fantasy novel, Eternal Champion Series, and its dichotomy of Law and Chaos. The symbol of chaos in this book is composed of eight arrows in a radial pattern. 

Moorcock said that he conceptualized the chaos symbol in the 1960s as he was writing the first installment of the Elric of Melniboné. In an interview, he recalled how he came up with the symbol. 

“I drew a straightforward geographical quadrant (which often has arrows, too!) – N, S, E, W – and then added another four directions and that was that – eight arrows representing all possibilities, one arrow representing the single, certain road of Law. I have since been told to my face that it is an ‘ancient symbol of Chaos.’” 

In Modern Games 

The chaos star became a popular symbol in games, making its first appearance in Deities and Demigods by TSR and other role-playing games.  

The symbol became popular among gamers when it made its way to Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 games of Games Workshop. Many consider it the most popular miniature war game worldwide. 

The chaos star also was used in other top games like Dungeons and Dragons, WarCraft 11, Witcher 3, and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Wrapping Up

There may be several interpretations of the meaning of the Chaos Star. One thing’s for certain: it has become a popular symbol, especially in the gaming world. It’s a straightforward symbol, and despite being very recent, it represents the age-old concepts of law and chaos. 

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