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Christian Gift Ideas That Will Be Loved

If the holidays or a birthday are coming up for your beloved Christian friend, coworker, or family member, of course, you want to get them the perfect gift. You know they’re Christian but you, on the other hand, are not .

Peruse this list of the 20 most perfect (we think) Christian gifts we could find on Amazon and Etsy. These specially selected list range from those fit for the serious biblical scholar to fun-loving Christians and even some for children.

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To choose the perfect gift, all you have to do is be observant of the person for whom you want to buy one. By paying attention to the specifics of their beliefs and denomination, you’ll be able to find them a gift they’ll cherish forever.

All Things Christian

all things Christian

For a wide selection of various Christian gifts, Christian Art Gifts on Amazon has many gadgets and doodads suited to a variety of people.

There are key rings, gifts for the home, trinkets for teachers, coloring bibles and journals, bible covers, wallet or checkbook covers, pens, tabs, mugs, and so much more! The price range can be as little as $4 for something like a bookmark or key ring or as much as $35 for a wallet or coloring book.

Specialized Greeting Cards and Home Décor

Specialized Greeting Cards and Home Décor

Lily & Sparrow Design Company on Etsy displays several gorgeous greeting cards and other attractive home décor created with Christians in mind.

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They cost between $6.50 and $22. However, they offer custom designs too. This means you can get a sign or card made just for the special person in question. These start at $27 and go as high as $50 or more, depending on what you want.

Wall Signs and Magnets

Wall signs Christian

You’ll find a plethora of beautiful Christian-themed signs and magnets at Rocky Mountain Creation Christian Gifts on Etsy to suit any taste, style, and sentiment.

Each handcrafted piece delivers high quality while still being very affordable. Their pieces start at $7 and go as high as $14. They’re perfect for firefighters, homemakers, students, hunters, and pet owners. The messages are encouraging, positive, and uplifting.

 Fun Christian Stickers

Christian stickers

If your Christian friend or family member is fun-loving and also sticker crazy, you could consider giving something from this vast array from Kasanyer on Amazon.

There are 100 available designs, each with a special meaning and message. There are no duplicates. The stickers are vinyl, have a reusable adhesive, and are waterproof.

This means they can go on laptops, smartphones, water bottles, skateboards, keyboards, scrapbooking crafts, lunchboxes, luggage, notebooks, binders, snowboards, bicycles, cars, and a host of other places. They’re $8 and a near-perfect gift for almost any Christian.

Scriptural Games

When you know your friend or loved one has a family with a penchant for playing cards or board games, consider the ones Kulture Games on Amazon has to offer.

We found two of the games very interesting and informative. Have a look at the Bible Legends playing cards or the Culture Christian conversational game. Both are non-competitive and intend to promote literacy, education, and community.

Artistic Bible Scenes

Artistic bible scenes

The shop on Etsy called Behold Yahweh offers a small but stunning selection of custom-made prints and designs.

These feature important scenes from the Bible and cost between $10 and $45. They’re handmade with careful attention to detail and color choice. Such stunning prints will look fabulous in almost any room while serving as an aid for meditation and prayer. All Christians will appreciate the beauty and quality of this artwork.

Wood-Crafted Bookmarks

 wooden bookmark

An interesting gift for that beloved Christian could be a wood-crafted bookmark by the Inspired Wood Crafter shop on Etsy.

They have a host of beautifully engraved olive wood bookmarks with various poignant passages from scripture. These would make excellent gifts for the avid Bible student and cost between $11 and $15.

Kitchenware and Décor

For the culinary Christian in your life, Abby + CA Gifts store on Amazon has a whole section of specialized kitchenware gifts themed with lines from the Bible.

There are mugs, mixing bowls, measuring spoons, trays, pie plates, canisters, and more. They have presents specific to women, men, children, and first responders. Many of their gifts fall in the range of $12 to $25.

Jars of Joy                                                                      

jars of joy

Liz Duendes Creations on Etsy has a tiny but beautiful shop.

There are only two items in the store, but they are worth a thousand words – quite literally! The Jars of Joy feature mason jars filled with mini scrolls containing lines from the Bible. Some feature the theme of love or you can get a mixed jar of personalized quotes from scripture. These are good for on-the-spot guidance and can provide a very uplifting experience during some of life’s most challenging moments.

Clever Blankets

Christian blankets

The Eternal Gift Store on Etsy has a wonderful selection of mugs and jewelry special to Christians ().

The store’s most amazing items are their blankets that feature various lines from scripture. These start at $15 in price and go as high as $68 in a wide variety of styles and colors. They are not only beautiful and meaningful but also practical.

Carved Statues

Burden Studio on Etsy features original faith-based sculptures any Christian will adore.

The store stocks statuettes of angels, people praying, figures in devotional poses, and nativity scenes, among many others. They have a wide price range. Some statues are as little as $15 while others are as much as $850. The care, beauty, and attention to detail in these items are impressive.

Inspirational Scriptural Stones

scriptural stones

Although there are many gifts available for Christians at the Ever Spring Boutique on Etsy, their inspirational scriptural stones are a fantastic find.

The store has two different sets of six stones each. Both feature prominent Bible verses engraved into the stones. The engraved lettering is embellished with gilded gold. One set has a decorative font and the other has more text to the verses in sans serif lettering.

Christian Music Boxes

With Me Christian Gifts on Etsy has a sweet Christian collection of key chains, jewelry, water bottles, and even embroidered hand towels. However, their most interesting item is the music boxes. With these music boxes costing around $20, you have a choice between two songs, “Amazing Grace” or “God Is Love”.

Something Just for Men

Christian gifts for men

Dicksons Store on Amazon has a very special gift for men of the faith. It’s a two-piece metal and wood-grain set that includes a high-quality ballpoint pen and leather keychain. This is a perfect boxed set with a fitted foam interior featuring the scripture Jeremiah 17:7 on the inside of the lid and the keychain. It costs about $21.

Keepsakes for Babies and Toddlers

Two of the most adorable gifts for babies and toddlers on Amazon are Tickle & Main’s Christian keepsake boxes.

There are two to choose from: a lamb or a bunny. Both contain a prayer book with a stuffed musical animal posed in a prayer position. Although both animals are sweet, the most precious of these is the bunny. It’s called “Every Bunny Prays.” They’re perfect to-die-for baptism gifts and cost about $25 each.

The Wonder Bible

The Wonder Bible Store on Amazon has a great gift that most Christians will love. It’s a talking audio Bible player that recites the King James Version (KJV) of the New and Old Testaments.

The player is portable and comes with an additional 10 songs for around $30. It can serve as a source of inspiration or study aid. The user can skip to specific chapters, pause, and resume. The Wonder Bible also comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 10 hours and a USB charging cable with a built-in jack for earphones.

Crystal Cross

The Styling Up store on Amazon stocks enchanting and beautiful crystal crosses. Their contemporary design stands 7 ½ inches tall and 4 inches wide with the option to have them engraved.

The crosses come beautifully presented in a blue satin-lined gift box. For $30 each, they make a perfect religious gift for weddings, baptisms, confirmations, or funerals.

VIDEO – Jesus of Nazareth (1977)

Originally shown as a TV series that now comes as a whole movie, Jesus of Nazareth from 1977 is free to view on Amazon. It features some of the most popular actors from that time like Robert Powell, Anne Bancroft, Lawrence Olivier, James Mason, and Ernest Borgnine.

An amazing production by Italian director, Franco Zeffirelli, this film captures the key points of Jesus’s birth, life, and death, including some of his most important teachings. It’s over six hours long and ideal for Easter or Christmas. A must-have for all Christians of any denomination.

For Catholics

Catholic Gifts on Amazon offers plenty of books, bibles, and other literature for free through Amazon Prime (). They have many other things like saint candles, jewelry, rosary beads, statues, wall art, and other curios devoted to this denomination. The store also has a wide price range; some things are about $8 while others, like handcrafted statues, can be over $1,000. You’re sure to find something for your Catholic friends here.

Bible Study Aids and Tools

If your Christian friend or family member is the studious type who is constantly reading their Bible and quoting scripture, consider getting them something from Esther Dorotik Shop on Etsy. They have a beautiful array of artistic faith-type gifts for men, women, and children. They range in price starting at $3 and going up to $40 with items like:

  • Bookmarks
  • Devotional planners
  • Jewelry
  • Journals
  • Mugs
  • Prayer and scripture cards
  • Printables
  • Sermon notes
  • Study guides

In Brief

The key to buying the perfect gift for a Christian is to pay attention to what they believe, what their denomination is, and what their Bible proclivities are. For instance, some Christians don’t read the KJV Bible and others have strong opinions about Catholicism. You want to ensure you don’t unintentionally commit a faux pas.

However, if you can’t obtain this information, a piece of jewelry in the shape of a cross or artwork that features a Bible verse should do the trick. These are valued by Christians of all denominations

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