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Dreaming About Thieves or Stealing – Meaning and Symbolism

When someone is robbed (whether it’s you or some other person) in a dream, many tend to look at it from a negative point of view. However, while dreams about thieves or stealing can have negative interpretations, they can also simply warn you of your insecurities or something that’s lacking in your waking life.  

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If you’ve had a dream about thieves or stealing, you may be curious about its meaning and how to interpret it. In this article, we’ve put together some of the most common dream scenarios involving thieves and theft that could help you to interpret yours as accurately as possible.  

Dreaming about Thieves – General Interpretations 

symbolism and meaning of dreaming about a thief

The most common interpretation of any dream about a robbery is that it reveals a fear for your safety, be it about your personal integrity or some other aspect of your life. Mostly, dreams about thieves or stealing are seen as an actual warning that someone (in most cases you) or something is not as safe as it’s thought to be. This type of dream indicates fear of losing your possessions, your loved ones, or anything that is precious to you, such as your job or even your current relationship. In all cases, it indicates insecurity of some kind. 

How you feel in your dream is extremely important when it comes to dreams about thieves or stealing, especially if violence is involved. In some cases, dreams about the theft can symbolize the feeling of powerlessness or helplessness that comes with not being independent. You may feel as though you’re trapped, gagged, and bound while something precious is being taken from you, and there’s nothing you can do to avoid that.  

In this case, it would be a good idea to look at your life to see what is it that you might be in danger of, or barely in fear of, losing. It may be a person whose health is delicate, a relationship that seems hopeless, or a job that seems to be going nowhere. Deep down you know that you will lose them soon, but you prefer not to acknowledge the loss, so it appears in your dreams in the form of a robbery of some kind. 

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Sometimes, stealing in dreams is a symbol of things you desire but unfortunately cannot attain. Perhaps there is someone who’s trying their best to ruin your mood or your hopes of achieving something.  

Dreams about a Thief or Stealing – Common Scenarios 

1. Dreaming about Being Robbed 

being robbed

As stated above, dreams about theft often have something to do with your insecurities. If you’re the victim of the robbery, it has the added elements of violation and loss. In some dreams, you return to a safe place only to find out that you have been robbed.  

Many dreams of this type feature a device like a safe that was broken into, where you keep your most valuable possessions. You may think they are completely safe inside it and are then frustrated to see that they are not. This kind of dream could indicate your desire to protect something you treasure, or that you are not ready to give up just yet.  

You are defensive when it comes to the contents of the safe, but when the object you value is locked inside the safe, it means you are not able to enjoy it. This can be anything from love, thoughts, material things, or concepts.  

2. Dreaming of Witnessing a Bank Robbery 

If you dream of witnessing a bank robbery, it could have something to do with your insecurities. Money is often the cause of many insecurities, not only when you don’t have enough but also when you’re unable to save any. To see someone else robbing a bank could be a sign that you’re insecure about your financial situation and although you may want to work on doing something about it, you’re not unsure of what you need to do and how to do it.  

On the other hand, witnessing a bank robbery in your dream implies that good things are coming your way. You may be going through an extremely difficult time in your waking life, but you may soon realize that the situation will get better, and you will be rewarded for all your hard work and patience.  

3. Dreaming about Stealing Something or Trying To  

a man stealing a phone

If you’re the thief in your dream, as negative as it may sound, it could mean that a pleasant surprise is on the way. However, it can also mean that something in your waking life is not going very well at the moment.  

Dreaming of trying to steal could mean that you need to be more careful with your finances. You may be overspending on things you don’t need and are always low on finances as a result.  

An accurate interpretation of your dream can only be achieved by assessing how the dream made you feel. For example, if you feel remorse after stealing something in your dream, you may be expressing the knowledge that what you desire is not rightfully yours, but it’s obvious that some of your needs, either material or spiritual, are not being met.  

4. Dreaming of a Thief in Your House  

Dreaming of a thief in your home implies that you have recently lost something big and important and that you’re currently suffering because of it. If the thief didn’t steal anything, it could mean that you’re hiding something from the people around you in your waking life. You may be afraid that if this secret comes to light, you may lose something or someone important.  

5. Dreaming about a Car Theft 

car theft

Seeing your car being stolen in a dream denotes upcoming changes in your current relationship. It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship but can be a family member or a close friend instead. When it relates to your partner, you may have doubts as to whether they are cheating on you. Perhaps deep down you know that your partner has cheated on you already, but you’re not willing to accept the reality.  

Dreaming of your car being broken into may be a warning that you should pay attention to the signs and acknowledge a situation in your waking life.  

Witnessing someone else’s car being robbed in a dream implies impending problems. It could be a sign that you have the courage and strength to overcome obstacles, which can eventually lead you to success, despite the issues you’re about to face. It’s likely you have the ability to perform under pressure without compromising your work’s quality, and this may well result in career growth or perhaps a promotion sometime soon. Don’t be afraid to ask for a raise, you deserve it. 

6. Dreaming about Being a Thief  

Dreaming of being a thief yourself might be a good sign. It could mean that you’re on the verge of receiving good news or a pleasant surprise. There is of course a downside to this, as it may also be an expression of your self-esteem being on the low side.  

7. Dreaming about Being Chased by Police  

If you dreamed of yourself as a thief being chased by the police, it implies that your career or social relationships may be suffering. You may want to slow down a little and work on improving your relationships with those around you.  

8. Dreaming of Catching a Thief  

To see yourself catching a thief in your dream is a sign that you have the ability to cope with certain issues or people that infringe on your own interests. You may be strong enough to protect yourself, your property, and your reputation from damage effectively.  

On the other hand, this dream could also mean that you feel as though you’ve been single way too long and you’re craving a romantic relationship.  

If you caught two or more thieves, it indicates that you may be unlucky when it comes to getting help from others. It’s likely that if you ask someone for help, they may refuse or it may not end well.  

9. Dreaming of a Thief Trying to Kill You  

a man holding a knife

This is a stressful dream scenario, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that something bad is about to happen. Instead, it could mean that you struggle with low self-confidence and that while you have the desire to work hard, you’re afraid of failure. If this is the case, you may need to check whether your current goals are realistic and if not, you may need to make some changes to make sure they’re achievable.  

Wrapping Up 

Dreams about thieves or stealing often indicate that something may be going wrong in your waking life or could draw your attention to your insecurities. Such dreams could be letting you know that it’s time to pay close attention to yourself and work on these insecurities.   

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