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Dreaming of Demons – Symbolism and Meaning

Dreaming about demons is a frightening experience. One reason is that most people associate this supernatural creature with evil and it has many negative connotations. Demons are often thought to bring bad luck and they also symbolize imminent danger and ill intentions.

However, dreaming of a demon does not necessarily mean that the devil is coming after you. Surprisingly, demon dreams have some positive interpretations, but this depends on the type of dream and the other details and symbols in it.

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Here’s a look at some of the common demon dream meanings that could help you interpret yours.

Demon dream symbolism and meaning

Common Interpretations about Demon Dreams

Although dreaming about demons can be traumatizing and unnerving, these dreams don’t typically symbolize real demons. Instead, they’re more like a guide that shows you something about an aspect of yourself or your life.

1. Distress and Conflict

It’s quite common to dream about demons when a person is in distress. The reason is that this supernatural creature is associated with conflict and distress. Therefore, if you’ve seen a dream about a demon, it’s important to consider your current situation. If you’re having conflicts with someone, think about the dream you saw as your subconscious mind may be trying to find a solution.

If you were attacked by a demon in your dream, it could signify that you’re conflicted with your emotions. For example, you may be feeling guilty about something you’ve done. If this is the case, it’s important to reconsider the recent decisions you’ve made. If possible, make some changes in your life that will help you to let go of the negative feelings you’re currently experiencing.

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2. Temptation, Addiction, and Vices

Demons are associated with temptation, addiction, and vices. Oftentimes, a dream about this creature is an indication of your inner struggles. For instance, if you dream about chasing or fighting a demon, it may indicate that you’re trying to get rid of an addiction or some bad habits. If this is the case, your dream could most likely be letting you know that you are on the right track.

A dream in which you’re surrounded by demons could suggest temptation. If this is the case, your dream is implying that some people in your waking life are tempting you to do something harmful, either to yourself or to someone else. Take a minute to think about the people in your life and if you identify any such people, it might be a good idea to spend less time with them or avoid them completely.

3. Anxiety and Fear

Anxiety and fear are among the most common demon dream meanings. To be specific, if you dream about being chased by this mythical creature, there’s probably something or an incident in your past that is causing your fear and anxiety.

If this is the case, you may have to pay attention to the other symbols and details in your dream. Your dream is probably trying to show you a way to unleash these negative energies so that you can move forward and become a better person. You can also try seeking professional help to let go of your fear that may be caused by a bad experience in your past.

4. Loss of Control

Demon dream possession

Seeing a demon in your dream may also indicate a loss of control, especially if you were possessed in the dream. You may be feeling helpless because you have lost control over your life or situation due to reckless behavior. Sometimes dreams can represent your problems and worries so it’s important to think about what could be bothering you.

Alternatively, a dream about being possessed by a demon may also indicate that you’re avoiding responsibility, especially with the actions you’ve committed. If this is the case, the demon in your dream is letting you know that you should take control of your life and be responsible for your actions.

5. Forthcoming Danger

The reason that people tend to get terrified when they see a demon in their dreams is that they believe  it signifies forthcoming danger and difficult times ahead. For example, if the demon in your dream takes the form of a human, it may mean that someone you think is a friend wants to harm you. Therefore, you may need to be careful and mindful when dealing with other people.

If the demon in your dream is taking the form of a human, it could be an indication that you’ve hurt or harmed someone and that person wants to take revenge. If this is the case, try to reflect on the events in your life. If you’ve hurt someone, whether intentionally or unintentionally, it’s best to make amends or seek forgiveness for your actions.

6. Sin and Guilt

As you know, evil entities are often a symbol of repressed guilt. For this reason, a demon dream may mean that you’ve wronged someone in your life, and you feel guilty about it.

In this case, your dream could be letting you know that you can let go of your guilty feeling and clear your conscience by asking for forgiveness. Additionally, your dream may also be telling you that you need to deal with such issues to have peace of mind. 

Being the demon in your dream is not a good sign and can indicate that you’ve done something evil and you don’t regret or feel any remorse for what you have done.

7. Betrayal and Relationship Problems

A dream about being in a close relationship with a demon means relationship problems. For example, if you are kissing the demon in your dream, it may indicate that your partner will betray you or vice versa.

On the other hand, if you are having sex with the demon in your dream, it could signify that you are cheating and that your dream is letting you know that what you’re doing is wrong.

Aside from that, this dream may also mean that you are sexually unsatisfied. If this is the case, you should talk to your partner. Remember, communication is the key to resolve your issues and improve your relationship.

8. Inner Strength

As mentioned, not all demon dreams have negative meanings. Instead, some can be positive and can guide you down the right path. For instance, a demon dream could be a reminder of your inner strength.

This interpretation is applicable if you are currently having difficulties in your life. Probably, your demon dream is letting you know that you can overcome the obstacles and challenges that you are facing. All you need to do is to find the strength to face the demon. You may not know it, but the strength that you are searching for is always hidden inside of you.

9. Unexpected Gains

Another positive interpretation of a demon dream is unexpected gains. One example is when you dream about going to hell along with the demon. As frightening as it may be, this dream may signify that you will receive a raise or promotion at work. Additionally, it may also indicate that your relationship has or will be improving soon.

If the demon is smiling at you in your dream, it signifies that luck is coming your way. You may win a lottery or stumble upon a great fortune. Either way, this dream entails that something good is about to happen in your life.

10. Success

Demons are associated with negativity and evil, so defeating the evil entity in your dream could be a sign that you will be able to overcome any challenges that you’re currently facing in your life.

Defeating the demon in your dream may also mean that you’re on the right path, and it could also be letting you know that you’re making decisive steps towards overcoming the problems or challenges in your waking life.

Wrapping Up

Dreams about demons and other evil entities can have both positive and negative meanings, so don’t be afraid if you’ve seen a demon in your dream.  Instead, think about the dream carefully and try to remember all the little details as these will be useful in interpreting it.

Consider the setting and note the feelings you experienced in your dream. It would also help to relate the dream to your current situation and the events you’ve experienced in your waking life. Taking all these into consideration, you’ll find that demon dreams are not frightening after all and you might be able to learn something from them.

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