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Dreaming of a Snake Bite – Possible Interpretations

Snakes are one of the oldest mythological symbols in various cultures around the world. In many traditions, they’re associated with growth, transformation, rebirth, sex, deceit, and spiritual awakening.

However, in some cultures, they’re viewed as symbols of death or evil. If you’ve seen a snake bite in your dreams or dreamed of getting bitten by a snake, there could be several ways of interpreting it.

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Are Snake Bite Dreams Good or Bad?

Dreams about snake bites are often more positive than negative. While they’re usually a sign or warning that you’re facing or about to face a difficult time in your waking life, they can help you to prepare for what’s to come.

These dreams are telling you to address issues in your waking life, rather than ignore them. Taken in this light, snake bite dreams can be viewed as positive.

Two main symbolic interpretations of snake bite dreams are:


The snake is a popular medical symbol that stemmed from Greek mythology and is often associated with healing and recovery. The symbol of Asclepius’ Rod is today’s most recognizable image representing medicine, while the Caduceus is also often associated with healing and the medical industry. Both these symbols feature snakes wrapped around a staff.

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Seeing a snake bite you in your dreams could be a sign of health or emotional issues you have which are now healing. If the snake bit you on a diseased area of your body, it could mean that you’re recovering from an illness.

Since snake venom is used to treat fatal diseases, being bitten by a poisonous snake in the dream could mean that you’re recovering from a disease that was previously thought to be incurable.

A Warning

A snake bite dream may be precautionary and could be a sign that it’s time to stop ignoring something you have consciously set aside.

It could also imply that something or someone is intending to cause you harm and is a warning that you need to be alert and aware.

This could be your subconscious mind’s way of letting you know that you will need to address these issues in your waking life.

Possible Interpretations of Snake Bite Dreams

Snake bite in dream meaning

You as the Snake

If you are the snake in your dream, the dream may be implying that you may be exhibiting negative, toxic behavior. This behavior could be spoiling your relationship with your loved ones as well as with your coworkers.

The dream could be a sign that you need to make some behavioral and lifestyle changes, or you may find yourself deserted by those who were once close to you.

A Snake Bit Your Spouse

A dream about a snake biting your spouse could be either highly positively or extremely negative.

If your husband was bitten, it implies that good luck is soon to come your way. However, if the snake bit your wife, it could mean that danger or misfortune is ahead and that you need to be prepared.

Snake Biting a Dead Person

If a snake bit a dead person in your dream, it may pertain to your control over your sexual passion and activities.

The person being bitten may be someone you’d like to start a relationship with or someone you’re already intimate with.  

Snake Bite Meaning According to Location

The Face

Being bitten on the face in a dream signifies vanity. It could mean that you’re judging someone based on their appearance.

The Lips

A snake bite on the lips could represent your hidden fears about something that may or may not actually be happening. For example, you could be afraid that your partner is cheating on you or someone is betraying you and that they can’t be trusted.

The Neck

Being bitten on the neck represents suppressed communication. You may be dealing with an issue that needs to be discussed, but you’re stopping yourself because you’re afraid of rejection or the other person isn’t listening to you.

The Left or Right Eye

A snake bite on or in the right eye signifies turning a blind eye to something while the left eye means it’s time to listen to your intuition. The left eye symbolizes inner wisdom or intuition which is the ‘sixth sense’.

Left or Right Arm

The left arm represents strength, capability, and unconscious power, while the right represents pride. Getting bitten by a snake on the left arm in a dream means that it’s time to pay attention to your strength and capability which you underestimate.

A bite on the right arm generally means that it’s necessary to let go of your pride. It might be time to practice humility and seek assistance when necessary.

The Chest

A snake bite on the chest could mean fear of committing to someone or the fear of opening up your heart to someone. It could also mean that someone you love is causing you heartache in your waking life.

The Knees and Elbows

The elbows and knees represent flexibility and one’s ability to blend in, going with the flow, and keeping an open mind. Dreaming of getting bitten by a snake on your elbow or knee could mean the fear of losing control or of taking certain risks that may make you feel vulnerable.

The Left or Right Leg

A bite on the left leg can imply that something is in the way of your spiritual journey.

There may be something that’s distracting you like a job or a relationship. Being bitten on the right let means that you may be afraid or unsure of the path you’re on in life.

You may unsure of what you want out of life and have, therefore, settled for a simple life that’s beneath your capabilities.

The Type of Snake

If you’re bitten by a poisonous snake in your dream, the meaning is mostly likely negative. If a non-venomous snake bites you, it could be more of a warning that there’s something negative in your waking life that you may need to take notice of.

Snake type in dream

Asp Snake Bite

If a man dreams of being bitten by an asp, it signifies that he has the ability to take on and succeed at any challenge he may come across. However, for a woman, it could mean that she’s surrounded by enemies and needs to protect herself.

Viper Snake Bite

If you see yourself being bitten by a viper in a dream, it could signify that you may be feeling threatened or intimated. This dream could be telling you to be careful and aware of enemies who could be trying to harm you.  

Non-Venomous Snake Bite

A dream about a non-venomous snake such as a python, corn snake, rat snake, or garter snake biting you is typically a warning dream. It could be a sign to watch out for someone who might be cheating on you, stealing from you, or slandering you behind your back.

Snake in Water Bite

Being bitten by a snake in water may indicate health problems, especially with the specific body part that was bitten. It can also mean that trouble is brewing, warning you to be prepared for the worst.

Wrapping Up

Just like not all snake bites will kill you, not all snake bite dreams have negative interpretations. Some could be letting you know of current or looming dangers in your life while others could be telling you something about your own personality.

Seeing a dream about a snake bite isn’t a reason to panic. It’s important to try interpreting the dream taking several factors into consideration, including how you felt in the dream, what type of snake you saw, and where it bit you. While these details may seem insignificant, you’ll find that they’ll help you to come up with the most accurate interpretation for your dream. 

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