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Dreams About Fish – Meaning and Symbolism

There are people who say dreaming’s the way that your subconscious presents whatever’s troubling you to you. Many people affirm that dreams can warn you against things that are to come.

Fish are beautiful creatures that we’ll encounter throughout our lives. Symbols related to fish are very common in folklore all around the world.  People typically associate them with being a good omen, a symbol of femininity, fertility, prosperity, and good luck.

In many cultures, fish are symbols of the higher self, change, feelings, rebirth, and luck. Some people also associate it with the element of water, which also represents the state of your emotions as well as tranquility and equilibrium.

Have you ever had a dream that involved fish? Dreams with fish frequently illustrate your thoughts about your values and self-esteem. Fish could help communicate your deepest stance about success, being deserving of good things, and what you want in your life.

We’ve collected some of the situations you might have encountered in your dreams involving fish, and what they could mean. Check them out below!

Catching Fish in Your Dreams

Fishing dreams

Catching a Big Fish

If you found yourself dreaming about catching a big fish and now wonder what it means, here you have the answer. It symbolizes that somebody who’s close to you or somebody who’s important will offer you a life-changing opportunity. So, keep an eye out and prepare yourself for what’s to come!

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Catching a Small Fish

Dreams that are about fishing and catching a small fish allude to common obstacles that you might face in your professional career in the future. Don’t worry too much, they won’t be catastrophic, and you’ll be able to overcome whatever it is.

Catching a Fish with Your Hands

 If you dreamt about catching a fish with your bare hands, it implies that you’re a very confident, understanding, and benevolent person. You are on your path to be your best self. Moreover, this type of dream also suggests that you’ll have a chance at love soon.

Catching a Fish with a Net

There are people who dream about catching fish with a fishing net. This dream indicates that in the future there’ll be plenty of opportunities to grow and be successful in your physical life.

Though, interestingly enough, it can also mean that you may feel overcome by the choices at hand, or your ego will be the one controlling you. Being driven by ego can cause you to make wrong decisions. In the big picture, it won’t be beneficial for you.

So, according to this dream, you should ground yourself and focus on what you want to do. Don’t be distracted by the myriad of options. It’s great to have many opportunities at hand, but too many and you’ll lose your course.

Catching a Fish with a Fishing Hook

If you had a dream where you caught a fish with a fishing hook, you’re in luck. This dream means good things will come your way in the short future. Although, they won’t happen just because, you’ll make them happen with your hard work.

Dreams like this carry the message that you are a person who doesn’t let their dreams stay far away from you. You’ll be able to achieve whatever you want to, and you’ll have the right attitude. This way you’ll attract people who are like you.

Dreaming About Fishing

Similar to the previous meaning, if fishing’s a common thing that you see in your dreams, it means you are a person who is focused and hard-working. You don’t let anything distract you from your goals.

Catching an Unpleasant Fish

Catching unpleasant fish

In dreams where you’re fishing and end up catching a fish that’s rather unpleasant, you should be careful of what or who you decide to bring into your life. So, take notice if the fish’s one that’s dangerous or ugly.

This type of dream tells you that you’re bringing something new and dangerous into your environment. If you throw the fish back into the water, it’s your subconscious telling you that you have things or people around you that aren’t worth your time. Let them go!

Catching a Fish in a Lake

If the fish you caught in your dream comes from a lake, it can mean that you’ll likely find obstacles at your job. Your ability and patience will probably be tested by the difficulties, and you should definitely try your best to overcome them.

In the aspect of relationships, it could also mean that you’ll find yourself tied to somebody who you don’t know or like enough if you’re single. If you are married or engaged, this dream warns that your relationship will face problems and misunderstandings. Keep an eye out and fix it as soon as you can!

Successful Fishing

Whenever you are successful in catching a fish in your dreams, it symbolizes that you’ll have a successful moment soon in your real life. Something like getting married to the person of your dreams or being accepted into the company you were wishing for.

Unsuccessful Fishing

This dream can mean that you’ll be unsuccessful in an attempt to achieve something. Though, you shouldn’t let that stop you from trying again. Unsuccessful fishing also might signify that you won’t have a shot at what you desire to do.

Consider the Type of Fish You Dreamt About

Colorful fish dream

Colorful Fish

You don’t have to worry at all if you dream about colorful fish. This type of dream has a wonderful meaning. It carries the message that you’ll be experiencing something extraordinary. Aside from the latter, it also symbolizes good luck and prosperity.

If the fish you see have bright and vibrant colors, you’ll most likely feel at ease. This will help you deal with whatever’s stressing you out. This is because whenever you’re wound up, being able to conjure beautiful things in your dreams is always a positive thing.

Dreaming about fish that are colorful can also mean good news. People believe that good things will come to you, especially when it comes to the things you are working on. Aside from this, they also imply that love and success are in your favor.

School of Fish

Following along the lines of fish symbolism, dreaming about a school of fish can suggest that there’s abundance coming your way.  Good fortune’s on the horizon. If the school of fish is behaving in a calm manner, it means you are also feeling calm and content about your life.

Funnily enough, if it’s a school full of rare and colorful fish, this could indicate that you are a creative soul. These dreams will probably happen whenever you are already in a creative mood or when you are feeling the need to be artistic and imaginative.

Dead Fish

If you find yourself dreaming about sickly or dead fish, it can mean that you’re feeling uneasy or sick yourself. A dead fish could also imply that your partner is emotionally or sexually indifferent. Besides that, a dead fish can also warn you about difficulties that you are about to face.

A Fish Out of Water

Fish are supposed to be in the water until they aren’t.  You could associate seeing a fish out of water in your dreams with negative things. Dreams that depict a fish out of water indicate that you may be feeling emotions like anxiety, anger, vulnerability, and stress. This is because just like what land is for us, water is to fish.

Aside from that, it could mean that you’re feeling lonely and aloof.  Just like the fish you saw in your dreams, you might be feeling desolate even when you have company. Moreover, people also could see it as a warning sign. Misfortune could be about to come your way.

Eating Fish

If you dreamt of eating a fish, it could symbolize many things since it depends on the type of fish. If it’s a big fish that you’re eating, it can mean that you’ll soon be collecting the profits of a business or that you’ll accumulate material things in a rapid manner

Now, if the fish that you’re eating is a small fish, it indicates that you’ll be having some minor issues. But, when it’s a raw fish that you appear to eat in your dream, it represents the fact that you should re-evaluate your plans for the future.

Another belief is that if you’re eating fish in the dream world, it might mean that something in the real world is eating away at you. It’s a sign that something or someone’s draining you. Maybe cutting off people is in order for you.

Biblical Meaning of Dreaming of Fish

According to the bible, humans have power over the fish in the water. It attributes water to the representation of one’s feelings and state of mind. The biblical meaning of fish in a dream has to do with being in tune with oneself, gaining knowledge, and being aware of your emotions.

Depending on the situation, it could also indicate the fact that you are refusing to acknowledge your feelings. You know you’re facing a problem, but you’re actively avoiding doing anything about it. These dreams can be a warning against continuing that type of behavior.

Wrapping up

 As you have read here, dreams are what the subconscious uses to communicate with us. Sometimes it might use a coded message, and sometimes it’ll be crystal clear to us what they mean.

Fish are symbols of prosperity, good luck, and creativity in many cultures. This also translates into most of the instances when you dream about them. If you dream about fish again, remember that this article’s here to help you out.

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